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Everything that you do not solve in your life returns

If you do not face your problems and resolve them, they will remain there, waiting for you to face them and finally close that chapter



We tend to tiptoe through those situations that hurt us the most, turning our backs on fear and running away from what we fear so much. However, everything that you do not solve in your life ends up coming back.

It is useless to cover our eyes and pretend nothing is wrong. The circumstances that most affect us are those that we have to solve.

How to do it? We must look at them head on and use fear as a propellant to overcome them.

Everything that you do not solve returns to you in an augmented way

Everything that you do not solve, that you ignore, that you fear so much, will return to you in duplicate or tripled form. It is a way that life has to tell you “hey, out there, no”.

If you do not listen to him, if you do not solve the situation, next time you will find the same, but to a greater degree.

Let’s give some examples:

Ana is 37 years old and all her relationships end badly. She has suffered infidelity, mistreatment and, also, lack of commitment on the part of the other person in the relationship.

What problem does Ana have?

Ana begins relationships with fear of abandonment, but above all she enters into relationships without really wanting it. She is afraid of being alone and, therefore, until she overcomes that fear, her relationships will continue to be unsuccessful.

Pablo, for his part, is 28 years old and cannot find a job. He has had some, but very few months, even days. When you go to an interview, they rarely call you back.

The problem that Pablo has is that he has a great fear of failing and, until he overcomes that fear, for some reason, he will continue the lack of work that wants to alert him that there is something he has to face.

Our attitude towards life is very important. At the moment in which we have a fear or a trauma that supposes a blockade in some area, that is where the difficulties begin.

What good is escaping?

Knowing all this, what good is escaping? Fleeing from what terrifies you, from what you try to avoid, is nothing more than a way to prolong something that affects you and that is not going away.

Unless you face it, the problem will remain there and the more you turn your back on it, the more intensely it will manifest itself in your life.

Therefore, escape is a counterproductive attitude. However, facing the fears is not so easy either.

What can you do?

  • Admit that you have a fear: Escape from him, you ignore him, but deny it? Accepting your fear is an important first step.
  • Investigate where it comes from: Remember when it was the first time it manifested and if you know what could have triggered it.
  • Be objective with your fear: Now is the time to look at your fear from the outside and ask yourself “what is the worst that can happen?”
  • Throw yourself into adventure: Putting yourself face to face with your greatest fears is an experience, a true adventure. Are you going to prevent yourself from experiencing it?

Will you begin to change your vision about everything that you do not solve?

Knowing all of the above, it is time to stop fearing something that can be solved. Although it is clear that it will hurt, because looking at an open wound for a long time stings.

However, that things get worse allow you to see that you should not overlook those barriers that are limiting you and that are making that wound even bigger.

All this will allow you to focus on her, listen to her and heal her.

It is important to heal, to stop being an open wound. You cannot continue dragging what one day initiated a fear that is lingering without really being necessary.

Fear alerts to an imminent danger before which one must act, either fleeing or attacking.

However, when it is carried on their backs and becomes anxiety, when it limits and causes insecurities in certain aspects of life that are related to that fear, it is necessary to face it.

Remember that everything you do not solve returns to your life in an amplified way. It is not bad luck; it is not any kind of karma.

It is in your hands to end this. How? Being brave, looking fear directly in the eyes.


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