Facebook and Instagram experience a global downturn affecting several countries


Social networks Facebook and Instagram have experienced on Wednesday a drop in their services that has affected several countries. According to portals specializing in this type of incident, such as Down Detector or Outage Report, the operating problems of these platforms are having a special impact on territories such as the United States or United Kingdom.

Facebook and Instagram, both part of the matrix led by Mark Zuckerberg, have experienced on Wednesday afternoon a drop in their services worldwide that, despite not affecting all its users, has had a special impact in countries such as United States or the United Kingdom.

Specialized websites such as Down Detector or Outage Report have registered an increase in the number of operating problems reported by users of this social network, which has reached several thousand since the early hours of Wednesday afternoon. In most cases, the websites of these social networks could not be uploaded or updated, although it has also been detected that this fall has affected certain functions, as is the case of uploading images to Facebook.

As shown in the mentioned portals, the drop in the service of these social networks has not had special incidence in Spain. Outage Report has posted fewer than 44 alerts from Spanish users.

At the moment, the American company has not offered official information that recognizes this problem of functioning of its social networks or its causes.



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