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Facebook wants your photos and videos naked… to protect you

Facebook will use its artificial intelligence to combat revenge porn.

The porn revenge is a problem against which Facebook wants to fight, and I will do with all the weapons at its disposal, including Artificial Intelligence. However, first ask for the collaboration of the users in a very curious way: they need your videos and nude photos, and the more the better.

As crazy as it may seem, it makes a lot of sense. To prevent anyone from uploading your porn videos and nude photos to Facebook, first they need your AI to scan all this multimedia content. In this way the software will automatically detect when another person uploads the same photograph, preventing it in the act.

As they clarify, these files are not stored on their servers and are not accessible to another person, only for you and for the Artificial Intelligence that will be responsible for labeling them. In fact, the way to activate this tool is to send you via Facebook Messenger the photos and videos that you want to prohibit on Facebook.

It is not too clear if with this same process you can send photos of another person and make the AI believe you are you, preventing you from uploading your own photos if you wish. The problem is not too big either because Facebook prohibits the nudes by default, even if the protagonist himself uploads them.

End-to-end encryption would provide enough protection to ensure the privacy of all photos. “It’s how to send them by mail but much safer” said Julie Inman Grant, commissioner of Austrlia for cybersecurity. For now Australia is the only country that has decided to implement this feature.

The intention of the company led by Mark Zuckerberg is to provide enough protection to the potential affected by the revenge porn, thousands all over the world. Although Facebook actively works against porn in any format on its social network, all its actions are undertaken a posteriori.


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