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Facebook will confirm your identity with a ‘selfie’

nice featured photos for facebook
nice featured photos for facebook

The largest social network in the world is ready to increase your security filters, and that is that very soon I could ask you for a selfie to verify that you are a person, and not a bot.

According to a WIRED report  , Facebook is working on a new type of captcha – a system that seeks to differentiate computers from humans – so you will be asked to upload a clear photo of your face.

In a Twitter post, you can read: “Please upload a photo that clearly shows your face. We will review it and then delete it from our servers permanently. ”

This new function was confirmed by a Facebook spokesperson, who told WIRED that the new security filter will serve to know suspicious activity in different points of interaction on the platform, such as creating accounts, sending friend requests, configuring ads and creation or edition of advertising.

It is not clear when the social network started with this new measure, but some Reddit users said they started seeing it since last April.


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