Home Technology Facebook will extend its VR product portfolio to four in 2018

Facebook will extend its VR product portfolio to four in 2018


Facebook’s virtual reality device family for 2018.

During Oculus Connect 4 this Wednesday, Facebook not only introduced new features of its virtual reality platform, but also took a look at its VR product portfolio for 2018.

Like this year, the company will continue to collaborate with Samsung to develop the software and platform of the Gear VR, and will remain in full control of Oculus Rift (hardware and software).

In 2018, the social network will welcome two new devices that will work independently, so they do not have to be connected to an external computer or a cell phone.

Oculus Go is Facebook’s first big bet to reach 1,000 million users in virtual reality, offering an independent mobile experience (does not require a cell phone) and a price of US $ 199. In addition, Oculus Go will share the same applications and experiences of Gear VR.

The other new device that is a level above the Go, and possibly one level below the Oculus Rift, is Oculus Santa Cruz. This device is still a prototype and the company has not disclosed specifications or price.

However, this device is expected to arrive in 2018 to offer the first high-end virtual reality experience that would not depend on an external computer.


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