Home Technology Facebook will he delete the option “delete”?

Facebook will he delete the option “delete”?

The case makes a lot of noise in the United States. Many users of the social network report the disappearance of the "delete" button among the options of the messages they post on the website accessible on landline. Some plan to boycott Facebook in retaliation.

Facebook will attempt facial recognition

This novelty is not currently on the agenda in France. But it could land, given the incentives of Facebook to switch permanently to its mobile applications.

Generalized measurement or test balloon?

The Internet never forgets anything. And as to give substance to this assertion, Facebook could gradually remove the possibility of removing a message that we regret. In any case, this has already been noted by some US users of the social network, who complained loudly.

Facebook has not yet communicated the extent of this change: the company of Mark Zuckerberg is fond of experiments on small perimeters of users. It regularly tests new features on user samples, which it then generalizes or abandons according to feedback. In this case, the disappearance of the option “delete” some messages has everything from the test balloon.

Deletion possible, but complicated

Precision of importance, this deletion concerns for the moment that the web version of Facebook. The “delete” option remains present in iOS and Android applications. In detail, it is no longer possible to delete a post, or to modify it by deleting any content. But you can always hide it from your journal so that it is no longer visible.

In fact, there is still a way to erase content: by displaying your personal history, it becomes possible to delete the post you no longer want. Being able to go through a complicated path that we can no longer do simply, to believe that Facebook wants to discourage us to connect to landline, or encourage us to deepen our knowledge of its menus… A theory that has its followers. Especially as Facebook encourages the switchover of its users on mobile.


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