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Facebook’s audience plummets

According to the measurements made by Verto Analytics, whose study is taken from The Moderator's Blog , the audience of the Facebook application is in free fall. The consultation time has been divided by 1.7 in one year.

Facebook’s audience plummets

Facebook consultations are becoming rarer

In 2017, owners of smartphones and tablets have consulted Facebook for 18h24 per month on average. If the figure may seem huge at first, it is to compare with that of 2016, year where the average time of consultation has reached 32h43 per month.

If the duration of each session is stable (6 minutes 23), the number of sessions on the other hand decreased dramatically In 2017, the application with dark blue logo was launched 173 times “only”, against 311 times in 2016.

Unsurprisingly, the time freed up by this lesser consultation of Facebook has been transferred to other applications. Thus, 4 hours per month on average were spent on Snapchat, against 3:03 in 2016. Same finding on the side of Twitter (3:02, against 2:37 in 2016) and Instagram (2:00, against 1:54) Reddit, meanwhile, breaks all records, with a spectacular rise (2:00 in 2017 against 0:20 in 2016).

Social networks outpaced messaging apps

Messenger, the other application of the firm of Menlo Park, however sees its audience climb: 1h34 per month on average in 2017, against 0:53 in 2016.

The phenomenon observed is finally a logical consequence of several pre-existing causes. After Edward Snowden’s revelations, trust in Facebook as a social network has dropped in many users. Awareness about personal data causes people to share less. As a result, some uninstall Facebook and rarely connect to it, while others have seen their friends stop posting and continue to communicate with them one-on-one via an email application like WhatsApp.

Facebook had also planned the coup by buying WhatsApp in early 2014, the year when Facebook messaging was also “exiled” in a separate application.


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