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Feng shui strengthens your sex life


Nothing escapes feng shui, even the love and sexual relationship of a couple can be optimized through the wise advice of this ancestral discipline. Therefore, our friends of Alienture want to share with you some tips to strengthen your sex life:

The feng shui expert, Dorys Manrique, points out that the bed should be avoided in front of the entrance door of the room, or under beams or windows. Also, when buying a bedroom, choose those that have support, because this represents a support for the union of the couple.

Change the white sheets by pink and green, this favors a smooth communication in the couple. Sometimes the replacement of the mattress helps to take away old arguments that keep the couple stagnant.

My love is sex
Feng shui strengthens your sex life

Another fundamental point in feng shui is the lighting of the room. Avoid making love under intense light, although it is not good to do it completely in the dark. The ideal is to create an environment where there is a dim lighting and a warm environment is achieved. Candles and low lights are perfect for these situations.

You should avoid placing photos that denote sadness or relatives (because they symbolize witnesses in the relationship). In feng shui it is recommended to place plants or anything that denotes union in the couple.

Mirrors are not recommended either, much less those that face the bed. In the case of walls, choose soft colors to achieve a good rest; however, place items or decorations with passionate colors, either orange or red to strengthen the passion, while blue use it to improve communication and sexual activity.

Since it is about optimizing the couple’s relationship, it is very important to resort to the pairs. For example, you should never miss a photograph of both, a sculpture that represents them, or two plants that grow together.

According to feng shui, the southwest corner of the room is the one that governs the relationships between the spouses, so always keep closed the doors of the closets and the bathroom of the room.

The furniture, as far as possible, should have its rounded corners, avoiding sharp edges or pointed, as they are considered as generators of conflicts. And one last tip, ventilate the room every day, it will renew the energy. And you, do you already follow some of the feng shui tips?


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