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Find the g5S plus bike that we raffle and take it as a gift

moto g 5S  plus
moto g 5S plus

If you have already participated in the first phase of our Christmas contest in which we gave away a Motorola moto g 5S  plus, and you have guessed where in the room we had hidden the Motorola smartphone, and you sent us the corresponding screenshot, the time to overcome the second phase of the contest and take home one of the best rated smartphones of 2017.

If in the previous test we challenged you to find the Motorola moto g 5S  plus that our partners had hidden in the 360 ​​° video, this time we raised the level of difficulty slightly and challenged you to find a photo of the motorcycle g 5S  plus as the one we show you under these lines.

This image can appear in the most unexpected place on our website: accompanying any news, analysis or tutorial, so you must remain very attentive to all the content while browsing the different sections of ComputerHoy.com.

When you find this hidden photo of the Motorola moto g 5S  plus, the same mechanics of the first phase of our contest is repeated. Make a screenshot where you can clearly see where on our website you found the photo and send it to us before December 22  using this participation form.

We assume that, as a regular reader of our website, you will not find it difficult to find it, but in any case, you can follow the evolution of the contest from our profile on Twitter with the hashtag # SorteoMotoG5SPlus , with which we will give you some clues about the location of the photo of our Motorola moto g 5S plus.

Among all those who guess the location of the photo, we will make the  raffle of the motorcycle g 5S  plus  and the result will be notified on January 5  personally to the winner and will be made public through our social networks.

It has never been so easy to take home a mobile phone the likes of the  Motorola Moto G 5SPlus, which comes equipped with AMOLED Full HD 5.5-inch screen , Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor3 GB of RAM32 GB of internal storage and a double rear camera with which you can share your face of joy on social networks – with Bokeh effect in the background, of course – for having won the prize of our Christmas contest at the hand of Motorola Moto g 5s plus.


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