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Finding Paradise arrives today and its new trailer is already ahead that will be as exciting as To the Moon

Finding Paradise
Finding Paradise

When a game reaches you deep or makes you live all kinds of sensations, it is inevitable to always have it in your memory. I must admit that that was what happened with ‘To the Moon’ and that is why I personally feel very happy that today it will go on sale in Steam ‘Finding Paradise‘.

The new delivery of Freebird will present us again a narrative adventure that will try to captivate and excite us from start to finish and its new trailer for its launch is a clear proof of this, which we recommend you do not miss it so that you give an idea of ​​what it will be like if you have not seen anything of it up to now.

Although argumentatively it will be a continuation of ‘To the Moon’, and the protagonist will be the same as ‘A Bird Story’, it will not be mandatory to have played both titles previously, which does not mean that there may be a nod to both during the adventure that will be very recognizable to those who have enjoyed both at some time.

In any case, Dr. Watts and Dr. Rosalene will return to the charge with a new job that will once again consist in giving a second chance to those people who are about to die so that they fulfill their last wish . However, all this is just a figment of their imagination before they stop breathing forever. So, in a few hours it will touch discover if it is at the height of its predecessor.


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