Home Technology Firefox 59 simplified notifications control and your privacy

Firefox 59 simplified notifications control and your privacy

Firefox 59 simplifies notifications control and your privacy
Firefox 59 simplifies notifications control and your privacy

The web pages we visit can take advantage of the  microphone and camera connected to our computer. But in addition to this, they can use push notifications systems, and gather information about the  location of the device. With its update to version 59, the Firefox web  browser will keep these possibilities, of course, but it will give users more control over their privacy and the management that webs make of this information or functions.

It is increasingly common for web pages to  request permission from their users to  send notifications, to know their location, or to connect with their  microphone and / or camera connected to the device. All these options help – as a general rule – to provide better service, or specific services, or are even a requirement for certain online functions. But sometimes, especially less experienced users, is missing  more control over this type of functions of webs and web browsers and Firefox 59 has news to try to solve this.

New Firefox 59 settings to control notifications, location and others

There are three new settings that allow us to block  all the notifications of any web page, and you only have to use the about: config section of the web browser in the following way:

  • To disable all notifications: change the dom.webnotifications.enabled option to ‘false’.
  • To disable the use of webcam and microphone: change the option  set media.navigator.enabled and media.peerconnection.enabled to ‘false’.
  • To disable location control: change the geo.enabled option to ‘false’.

In this way we will prevent any web page from making use of each of these functions, in an indistinct way, for all portals. However, we can even  block the notifications of webcam and microphone use, location control or sending notifications by accessing preferences #privacy and within the Permissions section. There we can mark the option to block new requests, in such a way that no web portal can request the functions that we mentioned previously.


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