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Five tips to prepare a good resume that is attractive in 6 seconds

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The CV is the first filter in the selection process and is essential to qualify for a job. Today, the labor guidance experts at InfoJobs explain the keys to writing a good CV.

The competition when looking for a job is strong. That explains why recruiters can spend only 6 seconds of their time to review each curriculum and that 80% of CVs are discarded before having the first interview, basically for two reasons: lack of information and bad writing.

With these data on the table, it is necessary to exploit all the techniques so that a curriculum stands out among the competition. A complete and updated CV will give more information to the recruiters, while taking care of the details will give a more positive image. In addition, on some occasions, it is necessary to go a step further, applying creativity to capture the company’s attention.

Today, the labor guidance experts at InfoJobs present several tips to prepare a good resume:

1. Pay attention to details

Good legibility, spelling correction, quality photography… It is important to take care of all the details when writing a CV because, beyond the content itself, its presentation and writing provide valuable information about the candidate. It must be read carefully to correct errors and ask for opinions from other people so that they can assess it objectively.

2. Complete all sections

In many cases, for whatever reasons, not all the contributions of the curriculum are filled out. In this sense it is important to organize all the information until the CV is 100% complete. That means including personal data, training, experience and future expectations.

It is also advisable to introduce professional experience in detail and academic training. When putting information about the company and the position held, do not forget to include the functions and achievements of each position. The description of the profile must be oriented to objectives, not to mere descriptions that will not help the CV to stand out.

3. To have updated the CV profile and date

It is important to add relevant information and that the date of update of the CV is always recent. Recruiters search for resumes using filters and search engines and it is therefore important that the CV is rich in keywords related to the profession, the sector or knowledge.

4. Make the CV visible in the databases

Having the curriculum published in employment platforms such as InfoJobs, also allows to be found by companies that search for candidates directly in the databases (without publishing offers). That is why it is important to make the CV visible on the platform, controlling the personal data that you want to show.

5. Know how to differentiate yourself from the rest

Some jobs and their recruiters prefer an original approach when they receive a candidate’s CV. For example, in the case of applying for a creative position, a different curriculum? At the design level – it can catch the attention of the interviewer.

Here are some examples of memorable CVs:

– The sweetest CV: An applicant gave his interviewer a chocolate tablet with his CV in the part of nutritional values. An exquisite candidate!

– LegoJobs: For a company that was developing a game based on Legos, an applicant built the company logo in Legos and left his CV inside. Your future was built!

– A work Picasso: To highlight its competitors, a candidate for a design position drew a personalized portrait of his interviewer and included his CV in the back. Your interviewer was portrayed!

– Singing for a better job: Another candidate composed a song about why he was the best for the position and sang along with his guitar. Then he delivered his CV in the form of sheet music!

– The message in the bottle: An employer in a soft drink company received a mountain of CVs on his desk. But an applicant managed to differentiate himself by sending his CV inside a bottle.

– Advertising wedge: In the field of ingenious aspirants, we have the one who left a wedge at the door of an advertising agency, with his name and his website engraved on it to let in fresh ideas!

– I’ll be lucky: A candidate paid a Google Adwords campaign with the name of his interviewer. He asked the interviewer to look for his name on Google and the first thing he saw was an Ad with the CV of the above mentioned.


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