Do you want to travel but your bank account is practically in red numbers? Do not despair; traveling on a budget is also possible and easier than you think!

Here are some tricks for traveling on a budget. Take note:



1. Destinos and timings

Destinos and timings

When you do not have much money to travel, travel through your country or choose some destination that is economical like: Nicaragua, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, many countries in Southeast Asia or India, for example. In them, your money will yield much more and surely you will be able to travel for more time or give you even some tastes.

The best recommendation when you are “tight of money” is to travel in low season, as prices are not inflated (as in high season) and there are less people.

2. Transportation


Save time by buying your air tickets in advance and comparing prices on platforms such as Skyscanner. Be flexible on dates, but also on destinations. Check if the same city has different airports or even look at flights that arrive in the cities near where you are going.

Although it sometimes seems that a flight is cheaper than the bus or the train, check the transportation prices to and from the airport, which can make the budget extremely expensive. To move between cities within the same country and even between countries you can use trains or buses, which are usually cheaper than flights or check also the low cost airlines.

And to walk a city, use your feet (walking is the best way to get to know them), use public transport and check if there are discount cards, such as the Oyster Card in London or RapidPass in Panama (which allows free transfers). If you have to use private transport, opt for collaborative platforms like [Uber] or if you decide to use taxis or tuk tuks (motorized taxis in Asia) negotiate the rate in advance and try to share the journey with other travelers.

3. Accommodation

Homepages of leading online reservation systems in the world and travel websites – Airbnb,, TripAdvisor, Hostelworld,, Couchsurfing, Trivago.

The biggest pinch of your budget will be taken by the accommodation. You have several options for lowering your hosting expenses, such as opting for Couchsurfing-style collaborative platforms (sleeping in a free home’s house) or, if you travel for long periods of time and are flexible, you can try housesitting take care of the house and sometimes the pets and plants in exchange for staying free).

Another option is to do camping but find out before by the free camping laws of the country you visit as some have restrictions and prohibited areas.

4. Tourist attractions


Before visiting a country, investigate about the tourist attractions and decide which ones you want to go. Do not go to one that does not interest you just because everyone is going. Then look for information about discounts or days with free and free access. For example, the Louvre Museum in Paris is free on the first Sunday of each month or the Gold Museum in Bogotá is free on the last Sunday of the month.

In addition, there are companies that offer great discounts on museums and other attractions such as the London Pass or the Paris Museum Card. Keep in mind also that in many of the big cities offer “guided and free tourist hikes” with which you can learn a lot about a city and travel without cost or for little money since many guides live off the tip.

5. Shopping and souvenirs

Young couple looking at postcards at souvenir shop during their European holidays

We have all been tempted on more than one occasion to buy clothes, bags, ornaments, magnets or other souvenirs in the different countries we visited. Try to be smart when making these purchases: choose local positions, to help the economy of the country, try not to make your purchases in the most tourist areas or, worse, in the terminals of trains, buses or airports. If you are traveling in a country where haggling is part of your daily transactions, do not be shy and haggard, not only to keep your budget online, but because they expect you to do so.

As you will see traveling with little budget is possible. You just have to change the “holiday” mentality and embark on a more independent and somewhat less structured journey.


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