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Flying, without wheels but without losing its identity, this is the BMW Hover Ride Design Concept created by LEGO

bmw gs 1200 adventure 2018
bmw gs 1200 adventure 2018

We are a big fan of LEGO. The company of the blocks sometimes does much more than simple toys and in this vision of the future they have embroidered it. This is a new collaboration with BMW Motorrad, of those who have borrowed some characteristic elements and have been taken out of the sleeve what the BMW of the future would be like.

Sure you remember, but a few weeks ago LEGO launched a replica of the famous BMW R 1200 GS Adventure with 603 parts, with which we could also create the Hover Ride Design Concept , the LEGO vision of what the BMWs of the future will look like: flying. The fact is that BMW liked it so much that they decided to give it a plus of realism and that is how this proposal of a future in real size was born.

It’s a LEGO idea, but it’s not a toy

Bmw Lego Hover Ride 2

The design teams of LEGO and BMW Junior Company Munich faced the challenge of developing a science fiction model that may well end up traveling the roads of tomorrow, but without touching the ground. The apprentices within the BMW training team have worked hard to achieve a product in which the current image and the future of the brand go hand in hand.

Bmw Lego Hover Ride

For the construction of this prototype has been used the chassis and some distinctive pieces of the iconic model of the Bavarian brand, maintaining the image of the characteristic boxer, the tank, the seat and the design language of the fairing. Obviously it does not have wheels (although unfortunately it can not fly), but the front tire has now been re-built in a propeller.

As for the energy needed to lift the flight, this concept bike would use gasoline as fuel, hence the use of the original twin-cylinder engine and a pair of escapes traced to the current GS, and to give direction is used to a rudder series.

Bmw Lego Hover Ride

The LEGO World in Copenhagen will be the place where this Hover Ride is premiered, and from there it will walk through different strategic enclaves like the research and development center that BMW has in Munich.


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