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Foods that can kill you

We all know that excessive consumption of certain foods can put our health at risk. These are the most dangerous foods in the world.


Taking too much sugar, for example, can lead to deterioration of the dental cavities, produce an uncontrolled ambre (chronic consumption of fructose causes resistance to leptin, which contributes to a person losing control over their appetite), to weight gain, to obesity, diabetes, fatty liver or hepatic fatty liver (it is the only organ that metabolizes fructose, hence the more you accumulate more effort you will need this organ to metabolize), pancreatic cancer (therefore exaggerated consumption of sugar is one of the triggers), chronic kidney failure, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, gout, malnutrition or addiction.

In fact, several studies carried out with rats have shown that the consumption of a large amount of sugars causes addiction in animals.

Sugar is probably the best-known food in the category of potentially deadly but, have you ever wondered how much of many common foods is enough to kill you? 

While it is true that some quantities are quite unattainable (you would have to eat 1,100 oranges to take an overdose of vitamin C, for example), yes you will find some quite surprising findings (the results about nutmeg will impress you).

Do you think you eat healthy? I would call attention to all commonly used foods that have the ability to end your life. Of course, remember, if you consume in a balanced way you have nothing to fear. We present you with a list of the 25 foods that can kill you, the most dangerous in the world.


The oranges are delicious and great for health, as they have a lot of benefits such as regulating blood pressure, prevention of kidney disease and lowering cholesterol. However, it is dying of an overdose of vitamin C. Of course, the amount of oranges needed is really exorbitant and unattainable for the human body. It would take 11,000 oranges to reach this point, the equivalent of 809 vitamin supplements.

2Castor oil

The castor oil comes from the castor plant, which also contains ricin, one of the most potent poisons exist. While castor oil is known for its benefits as a laxative and for the care of skin and hair, it is important to use it with caution. The problem is in the seeds. Only about 8 seeds are needed to kill an adult and 3 to kill a child. Fortunately, there are many safety guidelines for the production of castor beans.


Can we die to eat  plums? The problem here does not lie in the fruit itself, but in its seeds. The seeds of the plums contain cyanogenic compounds that the body can use to create cyanide. Taking one or two will not cause any discomfort, but in large quantities could cause serious health problems.


We talk about eating  live octopus, yes. In some parts of the world it is customary to eat live octopus, but this practice can be highly dangerous since the suckers of the animal can get stuck in our throat and cause suffocation.

5Unpasteurized honey

The honey that we buy in any commercial surface or store is correct because it has been pasteurized. However, unpasteurized honey may contain grayanotoxins, which can cause side effects such as dizziness, weakness and vomiting. In the smallest, that is, in babies, unpasteurized honey can be deadly.

6Cassava root or cassava

This popular South American and African vegetable is also known as tapioca or yucca. In its raw form, it contains linamarin that can be poisonous when digested. Of course, drying, cooking and soaking the root makes this substance harmless, but if the process is not carried out correctly, the root of cassava can be very dangerous.


Allergy to peanuts is one of the most common. They can cause anaphylaxis. Typical symptoms are constriction of the respiratory tract and difficulty in breathing. If left untreated, this can be fatal. Keep in mind that dry fruits, milk, eggs, fruits or fish are the foods that cause most allergies.


The cherries are a delicious fruit. However, its seeds, when crushed, produce a poison: hydrogen cyanide (prussic acid), which can be really toxic.


The puffer fish (fugu in Japanese) is considered a delicacy in some parts of the world, especially in the Japanese country. However, great care must be taken during the preparation, as this fish is one of the most poisonous animals in the world. So, if it is prepared incorrectly, it can be deadly.

10Rhubarb leaves

Although rhubarb is an ideal ingredient to prepare all kinds of desserts and delicious sweets, its leaves can cause respiratory problems, seizures, kidney failure and even death.

11Sauco strike

The berries of elderberry are usually used in medicines as well as in soft drinks or liquors, for example. However, the leaves of elderberry are not so harmless. As with the intake of many cherry seeds, the leaves and stems of the plant can cause an accumulation of cyanide in the body. Everything that is not the berry itself contains hydrocyanic acid, so it can cause seizures and diarrhea.


Although taking the fruit as such does not entail any danger, its seeds contain cyanide in its interior and if too many are consumed they can cause death. Logically eating 3 or 4 seeds is not dangerous. Only if they are consumed in large quantities and in a short space of time.


Are tomatoes dangerous? The stems and leaves contain glycoalkaloids, a poison that can cause some serious problems if your body is vulnerable. All we have to do is not eat the leaves. In the case of ingestion, it can cause upset stomach, severe cramps and anxiety.

14Bitter almonds

Despite being composed of healthy nutrients, almonds (only bitter, not sweet) also contain cyanide in its raw form. This is the reason why bitter almonds should be treated before consumption. They need to undergo a specialized heat treatment to eliminate toxins. Only 5-10 raw bitter almonds would be able to kill an adult.


If you are allergic to seafood, be careful. It may seem like a truism, but some people may have a severe allergic reaction with fatal results. A severe allergic reaction to shellfish can inhibit breathing and even endanger life.

16Raw meat

The raw meat, including red meat, poultry and seafood (as well as raw eggs) may contain salmonella bacteria, which can cause gastroenteritis in humans. If you have a weak immune system, it can even kill you. To avoid any risk, always cook the meat.

17Hot dogs

The hot dogs or hot dogs have a very good reputation for food but, yes, its ingredients will not kill you. What is the problem then? Basically the intake of hot dogs is one of the main causes of suffocation among young children.


Despite having poisonous stems and leaves, potato poisoning  is rather rare. The majority of deaths from potato consumption have been caused by eating green potatoes or drinking tea from potato leaves.


As with pears or apricots, apples are sweet from nature, but not their seeds (nor the bark and leaves of the apple tree). They contain amygdalin, a compound that produces cyanide when it is metabolized. High doses can cause dizziness and vomiting, increased blood pressure, kidney failure, coma and even death.


The fruit of this tree that measures about 10 meters high is pear-shaped and stands out for its colors from green to bright red or even yellow. However, if you take this fruit before it matures, its toxins could kill you. In the color is the key. If the coverage of the fruit is green, it is toxic.


While some mushrooms are perfect for consumption, others will kill you instantly and is that not all mushrooms are the same. Cremini mushrooms, for example, may be suitable for a pasta dish, but some species contain poisons that can kill you.


There is a reason why the American Association of Poison Control Centers issued a warning about the viral championship that spread over the internet called “Cinnamon Challenge”. If it enters your lungs, cinnamon can cause some serious health problems and even death.


Nutmeg is tremendously poisonous… in high doses, of course, or if it is given by injection. The cases of myristicin poisoning are due to the excessive consumption of nutmeg. Vomiting, hallucinations, anxiety or irrational behavior are some symptoms. It is good to be able to enjoy this spice in moderation, but without overdoing it. A dose of 10 grams or more is considered high.

24Broad beans

Similar to cassava root, the beans contain the linamarin toxin. Without cooking, beans or beans can be very dangerous to health. To avoid problems, never consume them raw and cook them well.


It is a traditional Egyptian fish dish. The fish is dried in the sun and fermented in salt. Normally mullet. Again the same happens with the puffer fish: if prepared incorrectly, it can cause food poisoning.


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