Home Technology Ford tests an exoskeleton for its production agents

Ford tests an exoskeleton for its production agents


The exoskeletons can serve two different purposes. Give back their physical abilities to those who have lost or give them super powers. It is this second option that Ford is currently testing with some of its production agents.

Working at the factory, on a production line, is often not an easy job. The body is often put to the test. The EksoVest, developed by Ekso Bionics, can lift loads from 2.27 to 6.8 kg with disconcerting ease. It may seem pretty light at first glance but Ford says some employees sometimes repeat this action up to 4,600 times in the day. The benefits of this exoskeleton would be immediate.

According to UAW-Ford Vice President Jimmy Settles, “The health and safety of our employees has always been our number one priority. With the success of these initial tests, we look forward to deploying this technology to our other UAW-Ford plants.”


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