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France will investigate Apple for allegedly programmed obsolescence

After the revelation that the iPhone with worn-out batteries decreases its performance to avoid sudden shutdowns, Apple will be investigated in France for alleged practices that lead to programmed obsolescence.

iphone 6 silver side view
iphone 6 silver side view

The AFP agency reported Monday on the opening of an investigation against Apple by the French justice. According to judicial sources, the motives are related to supposed practices of “programmed obsolescence” carried out by the Californian company.

The investigation was opened on January 5 following the denunciation of the French association Halte à l ‘obsolescende programmée, presented on December 27. The collective accuses the US company of deliberately reducing the performance of their mobile phones through a software update.

It should be remembered, during 2017, Apple released version 10.2.1 iOS, which, among its novelties, integrated a new way of managing the battery but that reduced the maximum speed of the processor in old models. The measure, whose sole purpose was to prevent the equipment from malfunctioning, has caused great controversy during the last weeks. Many accuse Apple of implementing “programmed obsolescence”, but the company insists on the opposite.

According to the manufacturer, the worn out batteries were not always able to provide the amount of energy that the processor demanded when it worked at maximum performance, which caused sudden power failures and restarts in older models such as iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, launched in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

Then, to protect the iPhone and allow it to operate without blackouts and restarts, Apple released a software update that, when it detects excessive battery wear, reduces the processor’s maximum performance and, therefore, avoids unexpected blackouts.

After the controversy generated, Apple apologized for not communicating the situation better and announced a reduction in the cost of battery replacement.


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