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From Florida to Hawaii, 10 perfect US beaches

The famous Dr. Beach spread his annual selection of the most beautiful, different, and clean and safe beaches of the American coasts.

Sebastien Cote Beaches of the United States. Islands of Hawaii

They say Dr. Beach, is a star in the United States and their annual rankings, which dictate which are the best beaches in that country, are eagerly awaited. Last week, Stephen Leatherman – the real name behind Dr. Beach, an expert in coastal research and environmental science – unveiled the 10 best beaches in his country.

For decades, Leatherman analyzes American beaches on a base of 50 points that allow you to classify them not only for the quality of the sand or waves, but also for the services they offer to visitors. In addition, it is known that in the last time began to give extra points to both spas that show good figures in terms of safety, as those that apply the rules prohibiting smoking, which results in a decrease of butts in the sand, a theme that Leatherman specially controls. Then, the 10 favorites according to Dr. Beach…

1. Waimanalo Bay Beach Park (Oahu, Hawaii)
Awarded with the first place in the ranking, this beach – very popular with locals – does not show, curiously, the spectacular nature of other Hawaiian beaches. However, it stands out for being ideal for swimming, since it does not have huge waves or dangerous currents, and has lifeguards. It also has adequate facilities, such as ample parking space, bathrooms and outdoor showers, and the prohibition of smoking on the beach applies.

2. Barefoot Beach Preserve Country Park (Springs, Florida)
In the southwest of the state of Florida is the second beach nominated in the ranking. In addition to the peaceful, natural environment, with estuaries for canoeing and the beautiful sand corridor, the site attracts land turtles and a variety of sea turtles that choose Barefoot to nest. The spa offers showers, beach items are rented, drinks and food are sold and, most importantly, activities are organized in contact with nature.

3. St. George Island State Park (St. George Island, Florida)
This beach is different, since it is part of a state nature reserve, very visited by lovers of bird watching and fishing. St. George Island State Park (also known as Dr. Julian G. Bruce St. George Island State Park) is located in the east of St. George Island, northwest of the Florida peninsula. It is considered one of the most rugged and beautiful in the country: bright white sand and clear waters are its strengths. But, attention: when getting into the sea there may be stingrays resting in shallow waters.

4. Hamoa Beach (Maui, Hawaii)
Once again in Hawaii – this time on the island of Maui-, this beach is ideal for scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing, or just sprawl in the shade of the trees and enjoy a natural environment exuberant, fully tropical. But, eye, a point of contrast with the intense beauty of the place is the fact that it lacks lifeguard service. A detail for nothing less.

5. Cape Hatteras (Hatteras Island, North Carolina)
It remains on an island and is the easternmost point of North Carolina, on the East Coast of the United States. With its characteristic lighthouse in sight (one of the most famous in the country), Cape Hatteras boasts a magnificent beach for surfing and kitesurfing. And although young people practice water sports, it does not lose the charm of the area, in the style of an old fishing village. It is ideal to dismiss the day with a few hours of fishing or a walk on the beach.

6. Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park (Key Biscayne, Florida)
Cycle or kayak rides, snorkel, walk along the coral sand looking at a charming 19th century lighthouse or just swim in the emerald waters it offers, in this part of the Florida coast, the Atlantic ocean. These are some of the attractions of Bill Baggs, wild beach (for some, even, wild) located in the area of Key Biscayne, about 20 minutes from downtown Miami.

7. Coast Guard Beach (Cape Cod, Massachusetts)
In the seventh position of the ranking stands Coast Guard, within the natural protected area of Cape Cod, on the East Coast of the United States. This is another good option to take long walks on the seashore and enjoy the breeze and the shorebirds, in a quite solitary beach environment. The fanatics of the swim in open waters consider that the area, in summer, is optimal for the activity. The place is accessible by bike, but you can also take the bus that arrives from Salt Pond.

8. Beachwalker Park (Kiawah Island, South Carolina)
Also east of the country, on Kiawah Island, South Carolina, is Beachwalker Park (literally, “beach walker”), which ranks eighth in the world. top ten For the amount of rivers that cross the region, the whole area is magnificent. Precisely, the park is between the Atlantic and the waters of the Bohicket River, which gives a different air to this beach of virgin aspect. Visitors can take advantage of several interpretive tours, in the middle of a landscape of wide sand, next to the park lined with oaks, pines, palm trees and yucca plants. A data? It seems that seafood, here, is delicious.

9. Delnor Wiggins Pass State Park (Naples, Florida)
To get a glimpse of the penultimate position in the ranking, we moved to the Gulf of Mexico, that is, to the west of the Florida peninsula, in Naples, where the landscape is absolutely paradisical. Coastal birds, translucent turquoise sea, white sand, reefs for diving and rich marine gastronomy are added to the activities and services offered by Delnor Wiggins Pass State Park dealers. Among others, paddleboards, kayaks, canoes, umbrellas and beach chairs.

10. East Beach (Santa Barbara, California)
Totally from the other side of the United States, on the West Coast (punctually in the beautiful Santa Barbara, state of California) stands the tenth destination of the ranking, a simple beach, charming and simple name: East Beach, that is, Playa del Este. A long row of tall palm trees is characteristic of the landscape, which also shows great for picnics in the shade (the facilities are beautiful and adequate), enjoy the beach volleyball games, games for boys and restaurants in the area. Undoubtedly, a fun and familiar place.


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