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Functions that Samsung can apply to the integrated fingerprint sensor



Although the rumors about the fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen of smartphones have dissipated, references still appear. The latest comes from Samsung and is related to a patent. It records the functions that the South Korean manufacturer could implement to this biometric sensor. The attached information does not provide details about which model could release the fingerprint reader, although we could practically discard it from the Samsung Galaxy S9.

When everything seems to indicate that the future of biometric security goes through the facial recognition in 3D driven by Apple, references are still appearing to the appearance of the integrated fingerprint sensor under the screen of smartphones. An idea that offers a great attraction for its simplicity of use and immediacy.

In this sense, Samsung wants to be foresighted and, faced with the possible emergence of technology that makes it possible to implement this type of fingerprint sensor in their smartphones, it already proposes a series of extra features that offer greater appeal.

The functions of the integrated fingerprint sensor

As we already know and intuit, the main function of the fingerprint sensor integrated in the screen will be to unlock the smartphone. It will only be necessary to place the fingertip on the screen, in the same way that we can do with a traditional fingerprint sensor.

However, and in the same way that manufacturers and developers have associated touch gestures to these fingerprint sensors , Samsung already has an approved patent in which certain extra utilities are specified for the future fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen.

Samsung Pay sensor fingerprints screen

As proposed by the current fingerprint sensor and other recognition systems such as Face ID or the retina scanner of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, the Samsung Galaxy future fingerprint sensor could be the gateway to the authentication of our credentials. Payments through Samsung Pay. As one of the illustrations published in the Samsung patent shows, the simple gesture of the deployment of Samsung Pay, by dragging your finger on the screen, would in turn serve to verify the identity of the user.

Similarly, the patent leaves evidence that the fingerprint sensor on the screen would allow the user to be identified by simply pressing the shortcut icon.

With this tactile gesture, the system will recognize the owner and give full functionality to the applications. The cases presented as examples that appear in the patent are very defining.

App gallery

Apps with native support

In the first of these we appreciate how the Image Gallery app would show all the photos in full. However, if the user believes that he has private photos that should not be seen by another person, after configuring them, the fingerprint sensor will give access to some or other photos depending on the fingerprint reading.

Samsung Galaxy sensor sensor footprints

The same happens in instant messaging apps. The operating dynamics of the fingerprint sensor integrated into the future Samsung Galaxy display is identical. Once the user clicks on the shortcut icon of the app in question, it will give access to one or other conversations. In this way, the owner has the possibility to hide certain chat. A measure of security and additional privacy.

Samsung-Galaxy-fingerprint sensor-authentication
Samsung Galaxy fingerprint sensor authentication

Finally, the third of the practical examples also shows that the footprint sensor of the future will also be compatible with the applications of online banking. After clicking on the icon of the same, the app will give access to the user if the reading of the fingerprint has been validated.

As we have already indicated, there is no sign that the Samsung Galaxy S9 is the first to integrate this fingerprint sensor under the screen, as well as the associated functions described above. However, as pointed out by the source, would be a great novelty to give notoriety to the next Galaxy S, which has already been advanced that will not have a wide range of new features that highlight the Galaxy S8 and, therefore, Regarding the competition.


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