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‘Game of Thrones’: An important theory about Bran Stark has been disassembled by his actor

Isaac Hempstead-Wright has rejected a hypothesis about his character, but has applauded another. And, in addition, it gives clues about how Bran will continue in the last season.

Isaac Hempstead-Wright is Bran Stark.

Few series get their fans spend so many hours rambling about the future of their plots as does ‘ Game of Thrones ‘. Hundreds of theories have been written about the HBO series, some that have turned out to be true and others that have been knocked down by subsequent events or, as in the case at hand, by statements by the team.

This time it was the actor Isaac Hempstead-Wright, Bran Stark in the series, who has answered a question about a theory that claims that the King of the Night, the icy villain of the story, and his character are actually the Same person: “I just do not think that is very ‘ Game of Thrones .’ It would be something too Hollywood,” he told Nerdist.

Throughout the series, Bran Stark has developed his powers as green-green to become the Three-Eyed Raven, being able to travel in time to witness past events and, perhaps, interfere in them. This gave rise to several theories about how Bran could have modified the past: one said that he, with his whispers, had turned crazy the Mad King; another that Brandon the Builder, ancestor of the Stark house, was actually this Bran, who had raised the Wall because he knows the danger of the Walkers; and finally there was this theory that states that Bran and the King of the Night are the same person with several temporary jumps in between and that only he could stand his feet to himself.

However, Isaac Hempstead-Wright sees another theory with better eyes, which states that his character as Three-Eyed Raven and the previous Three-Eyed Raven played by Max Von Sydow are the same at different moments or time planes: “This seems something more plausible [than the King of the Night] and does not generate so many crazy ramifications for the story, it would be a very nice little detail that would sum up everything in a circular arc. ”

In addition to commenting on the theories of ‘ Game of Thrones ‘, the actor has spoken about his character in the past season and has given some clue as to what we can expect in the last: “Honestly, in season 7 the Three Eyed Crow was a little overwhelmed by having so much information available, somehow, that pushed Bran Stark into the most remote part of his mind, but I think that when he becomes familiar with this new power he has and with all that information in his head, we’ll start see Bran come out more as part of what is now , ” comments Cinemablend.

And, on the other hand, he wanted to point out that the merit of unmasking Lord Baelish was not all his: “On how Bran helped his sisters, I think it was not him specifically who was making conspiracies or going to them telling them: ‘Look What I discovered about Meñique. “I think it was Sansa and Arya who came to him and asked him if he could find that information.” Suddenly, they realized that they had the largest closed circuit television in the world at hand. Cuervo de Tres Ojos has a very acute sense of justice, both for the Starks and for anyone, he likes the right thing, he is a kind of protector of the West, “he explains.


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