Home Technology Google Assistant can now be used with the voice of a man

Google Assistant can now be used with the voice of a man


The Smart Home Google Speaker can now speak to you with a man’s voicetone

Google Assistant has a feminine and robotic voice, but now the assistant can have a male voice on phones with Assistant and Google Home products.

As Android Police highlights , Google Assistant now has a second voice configuration option called simply Voice II. This setting, when activated, changes the robotic and feminine tone to a tone also robotic but now in a masculine sound.

This option can be done from the settings of Android compatible handsets with the Assistant (the Pixel, for example), and from the settings of the Google intelligent horns. For now, this tool is only available in English and in countries where Assistant already works.

Also, keep in mind that the voice setting you make on one device will be for all your devices that you have registered with the same Google account.

Signatures with artificial intelligence have added different tones of voice with changes not only in the genre of the assistant, but also in the origin of the person. Some IA functions, for example Siri, have variants of Spanish from Spain, Mexico or other parts of Latin America; the same with English in the USA. the United Kingdom.


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