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Google patents a laptop with a smart hinge

pixelbook pen
pixelbook pen

How many times a day do you need to adjust the screen of your laptop so that it is perfectly in front of you? It’s a nuisance … Google intends to change that one day. The giant filed a patent some time ago for an intelligent hinge automatically aligning with your eyes.

It’s Patently Apple has discovered the patent in question. This hinge would automatically adjust according to the user’s face. If the system detects that your face is too low, the screen will tilt forward if it is too high to the back. This so that you always have the best angle of view.

“The computer could have an image sensor configured to detect the user’s face and continuously adjust the angle and position of the screen to keep the face in the field of view of the camera and maintain the screen in the best position.”

The patent also discusses how this motorized hinge could allow a laptop to open alone when the user is next to or touching the computer, for example. Hard to know if a machine will ever be equipped with this system… To be continued!


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