Home Technology Google will now show wait times in restaurants

Google will now show wait times in restaurants

Google will now show wait times in restaurants

Google Search and Maps can already provide you with a lot of information to help decide whether or not to go somewhere. By example Toutatis, you can access traffic data via Google Maps and find out how long it will take to get to a specific location.
Why stop now while everything is going so well? Google Search and Google Maps will now show wait times for restaurants. If it is easier to book a table in advance to avoid pitfalls or indeterminate waiting, on the background of spontaneity, it is not always easy. Also, in this type of situations, this feature will be very useful.

The two Googles departments are already ready to manage more than a million restaurants. Users will be able to access this data by searching for a particular place and clicking on the item dedicated to schedules. Useful, and above all, this sense, this attention to detail, can make a difference and make you stay wisely at Google!



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