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Google wins demand over gender discrimination

A California judge rejected a lawsuit filed by three women, who complained that Google paid women less than men in a systematic way.

Google gender
Google gender

In a triumph for the leading Internet search company, Google, a California court rejected the lawsuit filed against the company for gender inequality. Last September, three ex-employees (women, of course), sued Google, alleging that the company “was involved in a pervasive and systematic payment, which promoted discrimination.”

The complaint indicates that women earned less than men, where they were assigned to lower payment jobs, and that they were promoted less frequently. The plaintiffs requested a class action for the benefit of women who had worked at Google in California in the last four years. The women claimants are: Kelly Ellis, Holly Pease and Kelli Wisuri, who worked on Google at the Mountain View headquarters in California.

This week a judge rejected the request to make this a class action. The judge said that this was an excess, stating that “it does not intend to distinguish between employees who may have valid claims against Google based on their alleged behavior of those who do not.”

Jim Finberg, the lawyer who represented the women, said that his clients’ plan was to file a class complaint seeking a certified action. Basically this means that if the women had won the case, Google would have lost the claim not against the three women, but against all the women who had worked in Google in the last four years, although none had put any demand.

According to the complaint, in the analysis done on data from the US Department of Labor, about 21 thousand Google employees in 2015, “systematic disparities of compensation were found against women considering the entire workforce”.

Google said it did its own analysis of compensation to its employees, showing that there is no gender pay gap, citing that it pays 99.7 cents for every dollar a man receives. And in fact, he made available to anyone who wants his payment methodology so that other businessmen can prove their own compensation in practice.

“As we have already said, we really work hard to make a great workplace for everyone and to give everyone the chance to prosper. If we see individual problems or discrepancies, we work to eliminate them, “said Gina Scigliano, a Google spokeswoman.


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