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Have breakfast soon if you want to lose weight

hong kong breakfast food
hong kong breakfast food

The popular Spanish proverb is very wise and in this particular case we can apply “to those who wake up, God helps”, to lose weight. The breakfast is the first meal of the day and if you’re looking to lose weight you have to know that not only matter what breakfast but when.

It has been commented on many occasions that if it is good to have a strong breakfast, if that toast with oil is better than industrial cookies. There is a lot of controversy about the added sugar and the control of carbohydrates but little has been said about whether it is better to have fresh breakfast, before leaving home or lunch at work. A study by Tel Aviv University with 36 volunteers sheds light on the matter.

Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz, a specialist in internal medicine and endocrinology, has been studying the schedule of the first daily food intake for several years. This has been guided by circadian rhythms, also known as biorhythms or oscillations of biological variables at regular intervals of time.

Their conclusions are clear, before 9:30 am breakfast is metabolized better. Blood glucose and insulin levels are improved before that time. In the study, half of the 36 volunteers were obese and had diabetes. The tests were based on the comparison of blood values ​​of glucose and insulin in two correlative days. On the first day all the volunteers had breakfast and then had lunch. The second day they only had lunch.

These analyzes showed that breakfast boosts the genes related to weight loss, that is,  before 9:30 am, we metabolize the first meal of the day better. In the words of Jakubowicz: “The right time for breakfast is before 9:30, it improves the body’s metabolism, facilitates weight loss and delays the complications associated with type 2 diabetes and other age-related disorders.”

And for more inri, no, omitting breakfast does not favor weight loss: ” When breakfast is omitted, the genes related to weight loss are expressed less, which causes spikes in blood sugar that can cause an increase in weight regardless of what people eat the rest of the day.

That is, according to this studyhaving breakfast before 9:30 brings with it the activation of the metabolism at the best moment of the circadian rhythms, which also benefits in the last place the weight loss.


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