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Honor 6X, a dual rear camera smartphone with great discount on Amazon

Huawei Honor 6X
Huawei Honor 6X

Are you looking for a gift from Reyes and are you sure it has to be a smartphone with a double back camera, but at an affordable price? Xiaomi has made it easy with her Xiaomi Mi A1, but the model exceeds 200 euros and you may want a cheaper smartphone. If so, Amazon has for you an offer of Honor 6X with double rear camera at a price of 169 euros.

The camera of a smartphone is the element par excellence. The vast majority, when looking for a new smartphone, want one that makes good photos. Although it is not the most important technical detail, the configuration of double rear camera has gained great prominence for the photographic effects it provides, more typical of a reflex camera than a mobile.

Double Chamber of Honor 6X

For this reason, if your top priority at this time is to capture photos in portrait mode, with Bokeh effect, but spending the least, Amazon’s offer for the Honor 6X may be the most economical option, especially if it is a gift of Kings.

6X Honor with Amazon discount

Currently, Amazon lists the Honor 6X in its 3GB version of RAM and 32GB memory at a price of 169 euros. This is a significant discount with respect to its official price. Although the Honor store has a transitory offer of Honor 6X for 199 euros until next January 4, its usual price is 269 euros.Honor 6X with double rear camera on sale at Amazon

This places the Amazon offer as one of the most attractive if you want to buy the Honor 6X as a gift from Reyes, since it supposes a discount of 100 euros. A 37% discount against the official price set by the brand in Europe.

EUR 169,00

Additionally, Amazon also offers a sales pack that includes the Honor 6X along with a 3W Huawei AM08 Bluetooth wireless speaker with microphone and four hours autonomy.

Features of the Honor 6X with double rear camera

The Honor 6X corresponds to a mid-range smartphone, correct in functions and hardweare, which earns whole if we access your purchase through offers like those of Amazon. It emphasizes and enhances the relationship and balance between performance and price.

Regarding the technical sheet of the Honor 6X, you can analyze all the details and characteristics of the model through the technical sheet that we have in Alienture. To better understand the features, strengths and weaknesses of the terminal, what better than a video analysis of our colleagues from Topes de Gama that accurately delineate what this average range of Honor is capable of offering.


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