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How can I have a relationship if I do not like sex very much?

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There are a number of aspects that are considered fundamental to have a healthy and durable relationship. Mutual love and sex are among them. What can happen if you do not have any of them or, over time, notes that are disappearing? It is difficult to maintain a relationship in these circumstances, but it is possible. You can have a relationship with your partner without love or without having sex, but for this you need a love and respect that covers that gap.

Over the years makes a dent in a couple and it is not strange that sex is no longer an important part of it. Day to day, worries, responsibilities… make the initial passion disappear and even intimate relationships become automatic, little more than commitment.

But it can be that one of the members of the couple is not too passionate, that he does not like to make love and that to do it supposes an effort every time he does it, because he does not want, he does it for the other part, so those moments They are not usually good. They may even end up leading to some discussion.

Sex is not the most important thing in a relationship but you must enhance the rest of the aspects that influence

Can you have a relationship if you do not like sex very much? The answer is yes, but you have to work to keep your partner and promote other aspects to prevent the absence of this intimacy is an insurmountable obstacle. Affection is fundamental to overcome the absence of passion.

Identify the reason

The first thing is to realize that the relationship is a matter of two that you have to talk to your partner to tell him what’s wrong with you. This applies when you do not like having sex or when another set of circumstances occurs. If what you do is to reject that moment or make excuses not to become intimate, you may end up thinking that you no longer love him or that you are not attracted to him, and that can put your sentimental relationship at risk.

To avoid it the best thing is to tell you what is happening to you and between the two of you think about how you can solve this problem and try to return to passion. The only way to do it is together, looking for a solution that convinces you both and avoiding that one of the two is not satisfied with the decision made.

It may be that you do not like to make love for a while to this part, that you will enjoy your partner before, but not now. In that case, the fundamental thing is to know what has happened that led to this change. It is common for desire to go down after having a child or when a woman enters menopause. The same can be applied to physical changes, to be going through a disease or taking certain medicines that affect the libido. Dramatic episodes can also cause intimacy with the couple to be rejected.

When you detect the problem, if necessary, visit a psychologist or specialist

In that case, when the origin of the absence of passion is detected, it is much easier to redirect the situation. You can consult with your doctor and refer you to a specialist. A psychologist, a sexologist or going to couple therapy can help you deepen your relationship and provide resources to redirect it in the sense that you want.

Bored of sex

It may be that you are no longer interested in making love with your partner for a very simple reason: you have become bored. In that case the solution is much easier, and fun. If what happens is that the routine has taken over your bed that you lie down mechanically and it is like covering a procedure what you have to do is the opposite.

To recover the spark and your privacy you will have to change the chip and improvise your encounters, change the sex scene, try new positions , try to make your fantasies come true, even commit some madness. The important thing is that making love is fun again, that you want to be together and reconnect.

Non-sexual person

If your situation is not one of those mentioned above, or you have already tried to reconnect with your more sexual side and you have not achieved it, you should not worry either. There are people who do not like sex. You just have to be honest with your partner and tell them that you do not like to make love or not as often as other people. It is possible to continue together and maintain a healthy relationship.

What you will need is to find other spaces in common beyond making love. Affection can cover sex, you can even reach another type of intimacy that has nothing to do with sex. You will have to look for other things to do outside the room that make you connect and that suppose the sex.

It is possible; even many couples have a full relationship without sexual relations or with very few encounters. The key is to find something to do together that does not make you miss that kind of intimacy. Sports activities, cultures, travel… There are many possibilities, it is up to you to find the right one.

In some cases it is necessary to make other types of plans that do not involve having sex

An open relationship

For a relationship without sex to work it is essential that your partner agrees, because the circumstance can occur that she cannot give up sex, which she considers vital. In that case one possibility would be to change your relationship and make it open, so that the other party can meet those needs with other people.

This on paper sounds somewhat idyllic, but in reality it is very difficult to achieve. Mutual trust and sincerity is essential for it to work. And that does not look like a betrayal to the couple. If you like to go to the movies every week and your partner hates you; it is not unusual for you to go with someone else. Well, that same logic applies to sex, understanding that one thing is love and another is passion. But we already say that it is not easy, that jealousy plays tricks and that the temptation is very great to think that it is your fault that you are the one that failed.

Sometimes the best decision is to maintain an open relationship in which you do not feel isolated

If this is the case or if the affection is not enough to cover the absence of sexual relations in the couple, the situation must be reevaluated because it may make a dent in the relationship and it ends up breaking. If you go in that direction it is important to realize soon to do it before you get to feel rejected by the other person and the break is anything but friendly.


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