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How many iPhone X has Apple sold during Black Friday? This analyst answers

iphone x vs iphone 8 plus

Amazon has been one of the companies that have best sat the Black Friday. As much as to increase the percentage of sales by 18.4% with respect to last year and, incidentally, to propel the fortune of its CEO, Jeff Bezos, to 100,300 million. However, according to the forecast published by an analyst at Rosenblatt Securities, Apple also would have triumphed with the sale of about six million iPhone X during the past weekend.

Although Apple’s Black Friday in Spain did not include any offer for the iPhone X, the sales statistics published by analyst Jun Zhang of Rosenblatt Securities, show the success of the signature of the apple bitten globally during the conference of Black Friday. Not counting the box made by the sale of Macs, iPads or other iPhone models, the Americans seem to have ended a dream weekend with the sale of about six million iPhone with OLED screen.

The iPhone X, the triumph of Apple during Black Friday

That is the conclusion that can be drawn from Apple’s sales forecast during the days during which Black Friday was held last weekend. The aforementioned analyst of Rosenblatt Securities advances that the Californian multinational could have culminated the weekend of the 24 to the 26 of November with sales of the iPhone X estimated in some six million units.

iPhone x

The estimate of sales, which has not been answered by Apple, is an important effect for the accounts of the Californian since it is estimated that the momentum achieved during Black Friday strengthens the position of the iPhone X, with about 15 million units sold in total since it was put on sale last November 3.

In fact, this growth seems to support medium – term talk that Apple will achieve distributed until the end of the year a total of other provisions 30 million iPhone X. To those we would have to add many others, about 40 million units of the iPhone with OLED screen, additional during the first quarter of 2018.

iPhone x in the box

The model with 256 GB, the most expensive… and the best-selling

Interestingly, according to statistics collected by the Chinese analyst Jun Zhang, the version of the best- selling iPhone X corresponds to the 256 GB model, which would double the records obtained by the model with internal memory of 64 GB. We have to point out that the price difference between both smartphones is not symbolic precisely given that in Spain the prices of the iPhone X with 64 GB amounts to 1,159 Euros while the version with 256 GB reaches 1,329 Euros.

Apple steps on the accelerator

Along with these sales estimates of the iPhone X, Apple seems to have significantly increased the production of its most expensive model to date. And the analyst in question has also indicated that Apple currently produces about three million units of the iPhone X and it is expected that during the month of December that figure will rise to four million.

This forecast corresponds to the forecast delivery times of the iPhone X, which have been reduced gradually during the last month. In fact, today delivery of iPhone X orders through Apple’s online store is estimated between one and two weeks. A significant reduction if we take into account that shortly after its launch that statistic was placed in five or six weeks.


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