Home Technology Apps How much money did the “youtubers” better paid in 2017?

How much money did the “youtubers” better paid in 2017?

We share the list of "youtubers" who had the possibility to fill their pockets with millions and millions...

How much money did the "youtubers" better paid in 2017?
How much money did the “youtubers” better paid in 2017?

Hundreds of people have managed to position their work on YouTube to make themselves known. The reality is that the media before was limited to television, radio, film or press, but with the platform, multiple situations have been unified for the interaction between the millions of users who surf the web.

Now, just enough to plan a good script, find what people need, put a camera in front and ready! Well, not everyone has achieved success, but that does not mean that the effort will be underestimated.

There are people who have found on YouTube a space to entertain, excel and make themselves known in a simple and efficient way. However, few are those who have achieved global renown thanks to their personality and dedication and be remunerated in historical proportions.

Therefore, we inform you about the list of the “youtubers” that achieved the most money thanks to their fame and dedication on the platform. Although, to be honest, it’s too much money that only makes us reflect … What would we do with so much?

According to Forbes magazine, the 10 best-paid YouTube stars in the world earned $ 127 million between June 1, 2016 and June 1, 2017, before representation and taxes. The figures are based on data from YouTube, Social Blade and Captiv8, as well as interviews with agents, managers, advertisers, producers and lawyers.

10.- Lily Singh- 10.5 million dollars

lily singh

Also known by her YouTube username as Superwoman she is a motivational speaker and comedian. She has participated in rap and in the cinema as an actress.

9.- Ryan ToysReview- 11 mdd

An 11 year old boy has become a millionaire thanks to the reviews he makes on YouTube about toys. Of course, hundreds of brands have set their sights on it to publicize their products.

8.- Smosh- 11 mdd


With many years of existence, Smosh has managed to win over the public with fun videos that allude to popular culture.

7.- Jake Paul- 11.5 million dollars

jake paul

In the first instance, this YouTube character won over his followers thanks to the Vine platform, but with its decline, he saw in the video platform a new opportunity to continue with his funny and absurd videos that make millions laugh.

6.- Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie) – 12 mdd


After having topped the number 1 on the list last year, PewDiePie went down to number 6. That character on YouTube faced various problems with the sponsors due to an unfortunate comment he said in one of his videos. However, it is not like people have stopped loving him because he will still be putting in his pocket 12 million dollars.

5.- Logan Paul- 12.5 million dollars

logan paul

Like Jake, the Logan brothers achieved fame in Vine thanks to their latent humor in which they act funny moments with many doses of laughter. Highly recommended.

4.- Mark Fishbach- 12.5 million dollars

Known by his YouTube name, Markiplier, he is an American comedian and youtuber. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, Fischbach began his career in Cincinnati, Ohio; and currently resides in Los Angeles, California

 3.- Dude Perfect- 14 mdd

A group of friends has dedicated their time and dedication in making videos full of challenges, jokes and fun. There is nothing like sharing the fame between camaraderie and many doses of laughter and good humor.

2.- Evan Fong- 15. 5 mdd

If you like video games and fun, do not hesitate to visit this channel that is dedicated to making reviews of the most outstanding titles. Do you have any doubt about playing? Follow the recommendations of Evan Fong.

1.- Daniel Middleton- 16.5 million dollars

The winner of this top takes Middleton who has managed to conquer Internet users with incredible gameplays, reviews, and fun content with productive information that serves all those interested in popular culture and the entertainment industry.


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