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How not to take weight in pre season



Pre-season, reduced training volume and above, about to start the Christmas season with the mess of lunches and dinners. Now more than ever, it is the best time to set a first goal: not gain extra weight in this period and maintain health levels.

That’s why I’ve decided to help you and give you a strategy to keep us in line in the pre-season. I bring you strategies and tips to learn how not to take weight in preseason and Christmas and also, a training plan for the coming weeks of parties.

Let’s get in situation. In full period of competitions, we are focused on not only improve our performance, but take care of key aspects of this as they are proper nutrition and rest. It is a moment in which, given the high volume of training, we usually find ourselves “fine”.

But, what usually happens in pre-season?.

On the one hand, after a short period of rest, disconnection and recovery, a new planning and the preparatory period of the new season are started from scratch. It is an ideal time to focus on the work of technique, correction of movements, cross training , for example. The weekly volume of workouts ( number of hours to train, as well as mileage, among other variables ), is considerably reduced and is increasing very gradually over the weeks.

In general, it is a phase in which both rest on the one hand, and feeding on the other are neglected. We tend to give ourselves more whims, am I wrong?. The festivities and Christmas celebrations do not help either.

But of course, if we increase the daily caloric intake, in addition to adding foods with more sugars, less nutritious, more carbohydrates, and fats and on the other hand our daily energy expenditure is reduced, we break the balance. That is, we consume more than we spend. And then, the inevitable comes, we take weight and body composition undergoes changes.

As I have explained on previous occasions, we must attend to the body composition of our body. That is, not just focus on the number that appears on the scale. We must maintain a correct ratio between our lean mass and fat mass.

Now that we do not have to focus our attention exclusively on competitions, it is the perfect time to build a healthy and strong body. Gain muscle mass to the detriment of fat mass.

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Add fruit in your breakfasts. Red fruits with high antioxidant value, pineapple with diuretic and anti-inflammatory power

Where do you start looking for a correct weight?

The ideal, after a few weeks since the last competition, is to go to the doctor and perform a complete analysis . So we will check if everything is in order or we have some kind of lack of hormones, salts, blood, defense system etc.

On the other hand, we should adjust as much as possible our daily caloric intake  and the type of food to the activity we are going to carry.

I commented to you the other day through the Instagram stories, that I went last Tuesday to the Nutritionist to evaluate and analyze the current state of my body. Through different tests and tests, we saw that certain organs have a little inflammation, so the first thing will be to eliminate all the toxins and make the body recover its energy and functioning.

On the other hand, through a bioimpedance test we check my body composition. Between some of the data:

– Percentage of body fat: 11.6%, musculoskeletal mass of 27.6 kg, and a total weight of 55.9 kg.

Another relevant piece of information and a good indicator of the state of body composition is visceral fat. In my case, the area of ​​visceral fat is relatively small.

With these and other data, we already have a starting point and we can establish improvement objectives.

The first objective, at least, to maintain this relationship in the first month of pre-season, and / or improve it.

Now you wonder,

How to stay in weight and avoid gaining fat mass in Christmas?

It is not a matter of stopping eating, and avoid at all costs some Christmas candy, but, like everything, feed with common sense and not fall into any excess, for the mere fact that they are parties.

You already know the saying “Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today”. Do not wait for after kings to want to change in a week what has been done wrong for a few. Save yourself that bad drink and go doing little by little.

Of course, keep your daily training routines, include more sessions of strength work in this period as well as some high-intensity session whose post-exercise metabolic effect is greater. Below I have left you a general plan for all of you to carry out.

Make your main meal in the morning provide you with the energy and nutrients needed for the entire morning; add berries, raspberries, goyi berries, for example.

But in addition we will see other simple strategies to maintain a correct weight  and learn how not to gain weight and avoid fat gain in the pre-season and throughout the Christmas holidays.


  1. Individual plan: The body composition of each person is different, and serves many individual parameters. Focus on yours, on the type of activity you do, your lifestyle, your starting point.

As I was saying, having objective data will allow us to compare with future ones, establish objectives and see how we have evolved.

For me it is fundamental to consult with a professional who will advise us and evaluate our initial state.

  1. Reduces the consumption of carbohydrates, especially at dinners. Or at least, change foods rich in carbohydrates. We can reduce pasta, rice and bread from wheat flour, in favor of the hydrates contained in seasonal fruits and vegetables, for example.
  2. Increase the intake of food specific to the season-season. Not only to enrich and give variety to our meals, but for the infinity of properties of some of the foods typical of this winter season.
  3. Introduces antioxidant and anti-inflammatory foods. They will help us eliminate toxins, as well as prevent inflammation in the body as well as prevent fluid retention.
  4. Reduce fat intake to 20-25 percent of total daily calories. It gives priority to monounsaturated fats, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.
  5. Proteins: At this time, let’s not forget we must preserve at least our muscle mass. For my part, since training and loads are relatively lower, I would eliminate protein shakes, except on those days when physical exercise is intense or longer (2 hours or more approximately)
  6. Christmas and Alcohol: reduces alcohol consumption to what is strictly necessary. Alcohol only provides empty calories whose storage is converted into fats.
  7. Take advantage of this time to develop your aerobic endurance and aerobic metabolism, thus working on the oxidation of fats. I refer to low-medium intensity exercise, in which the main energy pathway is produced via fat oxidation. Purely aerobic work between 40-75 minutes.
  8. Forget about the word DIET, miracle products, planex detox… work to improve your nutritional habits and quality of life every day. Do not let the parties be an impediment.
  9. Staying active is essential: respect your pre-season planning, combine different trainings that give variety to your week avoiding falling into monotony.

But in addition, I leave you some other strategy for those moments in which the table of the lunch or dinner is full of temptations.

In many homes, family gatherings become an infinite lunch / dinner, as if we needed to eat everything and more to winter like polar bears.

  • No, we do not need to eat 5 dishes at one time, so select what is going to make you feel better. That is, among all the options, choose the healthiest, with less fat and sauces.
  • Drink water and take advantage of ingesting teas to help you with those heavy digestions.
  • Reduce the quantities and try not to repeat each of the dishes.
  • Regarding the “leftovers”, those that our mothers do not put in tupers to continue eating the following days, give them to others. Try the days after a copious meal or dinner, the intake of food with depurative effect, diuretic and fiber: soups, purées and vegetable creams, infusions.

Join the creams, soups and broths. This is carrot, zucchini and pumpkin.

As you can see, there are many small strategies that will help us not succumb to the fat mass gain so difficult to eliminate. The trick is to keep your habits as much as possible throughout these parties, and in this pre-season phase.

Own Foods of Autumn / Winter

According to Chinese Medicine, we must take advantage of feeding ourselves with the foods of each season. In our case, and in our region, the winter months offer very rich foods with a great antioxidant, purifying power, rich in vitamin C.

At this time of year, we have many foods rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin C such as pomegranate, ginger, citrus fruits (grapefruit, oranges).

Well here some seasonal foods that should occupy the top positions in our kitchen. We can make many dishes very nutritious, delicious and with a low fat content.

Later, I will pass you some recipes of creams and soups that at this time we feel great.

  • Citrus fruits: grapefruit, pomegranate, tangerines.
  • Vegetables: broccoli, celery, arugula, artichokes
  • Legumes: lentils, chickpeas
  • White fish: Sea bass, bream, sole
  • Other vegetables: carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato instead of potato.
  • Whole grains: round rice, quinoa, oats, buckwheat and millet

Instead of sauces, it decorates and flavors both meals and creams and soups with herbs and spices. These have great depurative and anti-inflammatory effects: turmeric, thyme, dill, basil, ginger.

In my case, the nutritionist doctor, among other things, has ordered me to take Turmeric, to reduce the inflammation of the organism, due to its high antioxidant power. In addition, this herb (it is from the family of saffron ) allows the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol to  be leveled, preventing fat from accumulating and helping with digestion. I have been taking it in capsules for one week, one a day.

Although, you can get it in powder, and add a little in any of the meals.

If you want to know more food with anti-oxidant power, I recommend this article from HSN store.

But there is still more. We have said that we must remain active, so I leave you some proposals for training sessions for the next 3 weeks in order to:

– Keep us active

-Work strength and thus improve muscle tone

– Have an action plan.

They are very general, but each one can adapt the loads, this is the intensity, to each one of the exercises. They are routines designed as complementary work of runners, triathletes, cyclists, or for those who are not going to wait for the new year to take care of you.


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