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How to achieve engagement with your partner

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Claudia Sánchez

Numerology specialist

• This theme is based on the Introspective Behavioral Numerology (NCI) model that rescues the Numerology of esoteric beliefs, to possess it within the Human Development world, as one of the most assertive systems in the analysis of the personality of the individual.

• This topic is about how to get your partner to commit and take the relationship seriously, which has nothing to do with marriage commitments.

If your partner was born in January or October

• Your partner needs your space, is very self sufficient, does not like to share your time, your money.

• So if you want the relationship to rise to a more serious level you need to show respect for its times, moments and spaces.

• It is also important that your partner feels a genuine recognition and admiration on your part towards their effort and achievements.

If your partner was born February or November

• Your partner needs a constant demonstration of affection, details, romanticism and even to get to the corny.

• Has an eternal search for great commitment so in this case, you are the one who has to manage the relationship.

If your partner was born March or December

• This couple will shy away from pessimism.

• So it is important that you demonstrate that you are capable of carrying out any problem or crisis (health, economic, work, family, etc.) with enthusiasm and confidence.

If your partner was born April

• This couple needs to feel stable and secure emotionally and materially. If you see in yourself that you are a hardworking person, committed to work and in search of a heritage and loyalty that will give you the confidence you need. Try not to contradict him.

If your partner was born May

• This couple needs to feel free and accompanied in their adventures.

• It is very easy to feel suffocated and cornered.

• So I suggest not imposing structures of any kind and accept and accompany their freedom. Love this couple in freedom.

If your partner was born June

• This couple needs to feel protected and sheltered in the warmth of a home and therefore is what is going to need you.

• Provide a warm home, where there is harmony and family atmosphere.

• This couple can depend emotionally and physically on some member of their family of origin; therefore they learn to cope with this situation with intelligence.

If your partner was born July

• This couple needs like nobody loneliness and silence.

• In this relationship I suggest you do not demand a lot of parties and / or attend crowded places (shopping centers, concerts, sporting events, etc.)

• You need to respect your moments of silence and not invade your inner space.

If your partner was born August

• This couple needs you to respect their work times.

• Labor and economic development is very important.

• I suggest you to be interested in your projects also if you can see in you an interest to grow work and financially. May they grow together by expanding their borders.

If your partner was born September

• Your partner needs to feel the emotional balance between the two.

• Always expect to receive what you give emotionally, if you cannot feel truly hurt.

• The suggestion is that you look for facts and words to show what you feel for this couple and you can be emotionally giving back what it offers you.


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