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How to change the name to the Mac, iPhone or any Apple device


How to change the name to the Mac, iPhone or any Apple device

For many years that you have been using an Apple device, you never finish knowing all its details. I recently had to access Find my iPhone and I realized that my devices did not have an appropriate name. They were simply called iPhone or Eduardo’s Apple Watch, so I decided to modify them and make them all homogeneous. Here’s how to change the name of your Mac, iPhone or any Apple device.

How to change the name to a Mac

Changing the name to a Mac is quite simple. To do this, we only have to access System Preferences> Share. There we will see a field with the “Name of the computer”, we will only have to give it to edit to put the name that we want.

How to change the name to a Mac

By doing this, we will be modifying the name of our Mac that is shown in the shared network and other places like Find my iPhone.

How to change the name to an iPhone or iPad

Iphone Itunes

If you want to change the name to an iPhone or an iPad, you have two options. The first is the one shown in the image above, where from iTunes we will access the information of our device and double click on its name. By doing this, we can modify it as we wish.


The other alternative is to access Settings> General> Information and edit the Name of the iPhone or iPad. In addition to changing in Search for my iPhone, the name of the network that is created when you share the internet from this device will be modified.

How to change the name to an Apple Watch or AirPods

Apple Watch

Altering the name of our Apple Watch is also very simple. As before, from the Watch app on the iPhone itself and go to Settings> General> Information to change the name.


AirPods also have a name that can be changed. Doing it has a trick, since we will need to remove one of them and place it in our ear. With this done, in the iPhone we will go to Settings> Bluetooth and press the round icon of the “i”. There we can modify it.

Search my Iphone

With this done, we will have our own collection of Apple devices with the name we want. You can check it from the app Find my iPhone or from iCloud.com, where you will see an image like the one above, depending on the devices you have.


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