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How to check if your iPhone’s battery needs to be replaced to improve its performance

iphone 5s com ios9
iphone 5s com ios9

It has been rumored for a while and finally Apple has confirmed, on iOS devices with the battery worn, often reduce performance to avoid possible automatic shutdowns. Regardless of the consequences that this decision of Apple has, the truth is that by changing the battery of the iPhone we can return to enjoy an adequate performance. But how do you know if you have to change it?

All batteries have a limited number of charge cycles, after which they will begin to degrade. In other words, Apple and the other manufacturers guarantee a number of charges and full battery discharges, from there it will no longer be charged at 100% capacity. In the case of the iPhone there are 500 cycles, after which the health of the battery will begin to drop.

How to know if the battery is damaged or not

While in MacBook we have the possibility to check how many battery charging cycles in ‘About this Mac’, on iOS devices there is no number in the system that tells us. Instead, Apple tells us whether we should change it or not. The only thing you need is to have iOS 10.2.1 installed or higher.

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  1. Open Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Enter the Battery section.
  3. At the top, just before ‘Low power mode’, a message should appear.

If you do not have any messages, you have not yet reached 500 load cycles. If you have a message that says “Maybe the iPhone’s battery needs to be repaired”, it’s that you’ve gone through 500 charging cycles or you’re very close. As indicated by Apple:

When performing diagnostics in iOS, we have detected that it is possible that the battery of your iPhone must be replaced. When a battery has little remaining life, the charge and the ability to provide power are reduced. As a result, the battery will need to charge more frequently and your iPhone may experience unexpected shutdowns.

As you know, all battery replacement services outside the warranty have a cost of $79. At Apple’s technical service or under an authorized distributor. Do you compensate this? The truth is that if we recover the performance of our iPhone to the levels before the battery was worn… it can be a great option.


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