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How to choose the perfect towel for the gym?

How to choose the perfect towel for the gym?

Whether you are a beginner in the world of sports or you have been training for years, you will know that in most gyms the use of a towel is mandatory. The fundamental basis of its use is in the maintenance of the hygiene of the machines and in the improvement of our performance. When we have an excess of sweat, it becomes an annoyance and can end up affecting our training capacity. Therefore, today we are going to tell you which towel is best for you to take to the gym or any sports center.

What is the towel for?

As we mentioned before, hygiene while training is essential in the gym. Many of them also have the service of offering towels to their users in order to create a habit. The gym is a public place where hundreds of people pass each day, each with their sweat, smells, bacteria, viruses, etc. Let’s see, we do not have to get catastrophic, but we do maintain a minimum level of cleanliness to create a border to our body.

The use of the towel for sport is obvious: while you train you end up soaked in sweat and you need to dry. Thanks to her we avoid that our body is wet the training time and will help us not to lower the sports performance, among other reasons. With an excess of sweat, we will probably end up catching a cold or suffering muscle aches from sudden changes in temperature. In addition, if we do not dry, the possible that we slip on a machine and have an accident.

Speaking of machines, you can not imagine the people who use the same machine that you use during the day. Suppose none used a towel, would not the sweat build up? By putting the towel on the machine, we avoid direct contact and we keep our body from contracting some skin conditions (fungus, herpes…).
Needless to say, using the towel is not only to get rid of the germs of others, but to prevent someone from taking your own. Believe me, nobody wants to endure your sweat.

If you like, you can take 2 towels: one for machines and another smaller one to dry your sweat. Of course, never dry your hands with the same towel you use for the face and body. The hands are the most exposed to bacteria, so it’s a good idea to also have some type of antibacterial gel at the end of your workout.

What types of towels are there?

Whether you’re going to the gym or going to train outdoors, choosing a perfect towel will depend on your tastes. Some bet on cotton and its softness, while others prefer microfiber and its absorption. Maybe we are discovering a new world and you did not know the microfiber towels. We tell you its main characteristics so that you understand why athletes tend to opt for this:

  • It has a high level of absorption and dries quite fast. It can have between 7 and 9 times its own weight in water, and can release up to 90% when squeezed.
  • They are antibacterial, preventing the easy development of bacteria.
  • They do not produce static energy, they are light and easy to transport. They will occupy you much less than a cotton one.
  • They are easy to wash and do not tend to fade. In addition, with its fast drying formula, you can have it ready from one day to the next.
  • They are ideal for those who practice water sports.

Many also use microfiber towels for showering and drying hair. Absorbs moisture very fast and will not take long to dry your body.
There are different sizes, but if you are only going to use it for machines, with a 40 × 60 cm it will be very good for you.

How to wash them correctly?

Like any other accessory, in order for it to perform its function correctly, it will be necessary to maintain hygiene habits. Regardless of the fabric, wash it correctly to ensure zero residue remains. Write down the following tips to make you last as long as possible:

  • Try not to overfill your washer to make sure the garments are cleaned perfectly. Do not abuse the detergent either. Not to throw more, you will get better results.
  • In sports clothes and accessories, it is good that from time to time you use bleach for clothes, so you will kill any bacteria. Never use it with colored towels or you will spoil it.
  • Avoid using fabric softener. This creates a silicone film that will prevent absorbing liquids properly.
  • Once a month, add a cup of white vinegar to the load in the rinse process. It will help you to become more absorbent as it will remove any excess detergent or fabric softener.

And you, what kind of towel do you wear to train? Personally, I am a true microfiber. They barely bulge and do not give the heavy feeling of accumulation of fluids that the cotton ones get. In addition, cotton usually soak faster, so you’ll soon get soaked and it will not help much.


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