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How to choose your lipstick?

The perfect lipstick

How to choose your lipstick?

Colors, textures, effects, you do not know where to turn? Do not panic, we explain to you how to choose your lipstick.

Matte or brilliant, the eternal dilemma

Some swear by the mat, while others are addicted to bright lipsticks. These two effects are very pretty, so if you have a preference for one or the other, follow your heart! But if you hesitate, here are some tips to see more clearly:

Matte lipstick tends to mark fine lines, so it is best for non-wrinkled mouths.

The glossy lipstick, whether it is a satin effect or a real gloss, brings a little volume to the lips, so it is ideal if your lips are thin. However, if your lips are fleshy, the shiny side may draw a huge mouth. In contrast, the mat is less consistent with thin lips, since it highlights this aspect.

You’ll understand, if your lips are thin or wrinkled, the gloss is your friend, but if they are luscious, and little or not marked by fine lines, you can opt for a mat.

The selection of red lipstick

Find the right color

The choice of color is above all account of your desires and the rest of your make up, moreover, makeup enthusiasts often have many shades in their drawers, because there is no real prohibition. But to help you choose a color, there are tips:

Choose a lipstick based on the color of your lips, picking it up a hue over it. This red will be your new basic!

Consider the color of your hair: if you are brown, bet on an orange-red, fuchsia or burgundy, and if you are blonde, let yourself be tempted by a bronze, a coral or a rose.

You can also rely on the color of your skin: if it is pink, shades of apricot, peach and cherry will highlight. If your skin is matte, dark reds, but also plums and raspberries will sublimate you.

There are excellent lipsticks in all price ranges, so you can have fun without breaking the bank. Take the opportunity to buy a variety of colors: have at least one nude, one pink and one red in your drawers, to be able to face all the occasions.

Follow these simple tips to choose your lipstick and find your new favorite shade easily. A child’s play!


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