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How to congratulate Christmas to all your friends with just one WhatsApp

How to congratulate Christmas to all your friends with just one WhatsApp
How to congratulate Christmas to all your friends with just one WhatsApp

Undoubtedly, messaging apps will be the most used in the coming days. It is the best and fastest means of dissemination today. And among all of them, WhatsApp is still the queen. Do you want to congratulate all your friends in one go with a single message without having to go one by one? The trick is called Broadcast List.

Halfway through the week, it is easy to think that there is little left for the long-awaited weekend. But this will not be like the rest, since Sunday will be December 24. That is: Christmas Eve. And as usually happens on that night, smartphones around the world will smoke to either talk to family, friends, take pictures of how beautiful the dinner napkins have been, put lists of Christmas songs on Spotify, etc. And congratulate Christmas without a doubt, especially through WhatsApp, the app that we will use the most and that is always hanging on 24 and 31 at night, since everyone is sending their best wishes to their loved ones .

Merry Christmas for WhatsApp

Congratulate Christmas with just one WhatsApp

But outside the groups, sending a Christmas message individually to each friend can be heavy, because you have to go one by one. For real? What if we told you that WhatsApp has a feature with which you can write a single message and send it to multiple contacts? Well, it has it and it’s called broadcast lists, which allow you to send messages to several contacts at the same time.A Broadcast List is a list of recipients that is saved, and when you use this list you can re-broadcast a message to the same recipients without having to select them one by one. Ideal for this weekend without a doubt.

How is it created? Well, easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your mobile
  2. Go to the Chats screen. Look in the upper right corner for the Menu Button. By giving and displaying options, look for New Dissemination (the second).
  3. You will see the list of all your contacts appear. Simply select the ones you want to send the message to and press the OK icon in the lower right part of the screen.
  4. Now you are in a chat window that you just created with the chosen contacts. When you write a message and send it, you will receive it all at once.

Recipients will receive the message as if it were an individual message, and when they respond to the message, it will also appear as an individual message on your Chats screen; Your answers will not be sent to the other recipients in the list. Of course, only contacts who have your number stored in their diaries will receive your broadcast messages. If one of your contacts does not receive your broadcast messages, check that you have your number stored in your phone’s address book.

WhatsApp broadcast list
Congratulate Christmas through WhatsApp

If at the end of these holidays you no longer want to keep that broadcast list, just go to the WhatsApp chat screen, keep pressed on the created list and click on the Delete broadcast list option.

If you want to send something more than a message or a GIF of those that come on WhatsApp, here at Alienture we have compiled a series of applications to congratulate Christmas through WhatsApp by sending Christmas images with fun texts, GIFs to enrich your message or even personalized videos and animated carols, and we’ve put the direct links to the Google Play Store and the App Store. And if you also want to decorate your WhatsApp status at Christmas , we also have the most appropriate apps for it.


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