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How To Delete Sent Messages on WhatsApp

How To Delete Sent Messages on WhatsApp

The WhatsApp application on iOS, Android and Windows Phone already allows you to eliminate messages sent from this Tuesday

Rejoice! The application of WhatsApp in iOS, Android and Windows Phone has already enabled for all its users the option to eliminate sent messages.

This activation comes a few days after the same function was activated for users in beta and regular users but gradually. WhatsApp confirmed on Tuesday that the feature is already present in the latest version of its mobile application for all three platforms.

WhatsApp has also said that the function of eliminating messages gradually reaches users of WhatsApp on desktop, both the application and the Web version. This is starting today.

How to delete messages on WhatsApp: iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Deleting messages on all three platforms is very simple. WhatsApp still does not say if it will be possible to eliminate messages from the version of the app for Web or for computers, although the most sensible thing is that this way it is (but in a future).

Open WhatsApp and go to the chat you wish to delete.

Select the message (s) you want to delete.
Touch the Delete> Delete for all option.
Once that is done, your message is far from the view of the users.

Very important: The message to be deleted can only be deleted from the face of WhatsApp if you cancel it within the first seven minutes of being sent. Otherwise, the message can no longer be erased and your screw-up will be evident forever.


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