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How to enjoy Christmas and that your wallet does not die in the attempt!

Elaine King
Elaine King

Christmas is that beautiful time of year in which family and friends gather to enjoy, eat and share; but at the same time it is the time of the year when buyers become more impulsive and companies and brands become much more aggressive in terms of advertising with which they bombard us day by day.

Is it possible to enjoy Christmas without these excesses? Is it possible to enjoy Christmas without your wallet dying in the attempt? Of course! Follow these simple steps and you will go in the right direction this year:

  1. Simplify the decoration: has it happened to you that you have boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations that you do not need? Recycle! Try to put your decorations in order and stay with those that give a subtle touch, but Christmas to your home. Those that do not need donate them to a home that needs them, for example in Peru.
  2. Create a gift exchange (secret Santa) “diy” (does it yourself): agree with your office, your family or whoever you are going to share a secret Santa this year that the gifts will be home made. Are you good weaving? Make a scarf! There are thousands of ideas in places like Pinterest about how to make gifts that look like purchased at any store with a few simple steps. Try it! Look here the ideas.
  3. Establish a budget: set a budget and stay within it, the important thing is that you understand that it is not an ideal budget, but a necessity. If you do not have one, enter and start one here and also consider using an application or search engine before leaving to make sure you get the best prices in the United States, try Red Laser here.
  4. Make a Christmas dinner “contriā€: tell your friends that the Christmas dinner will be style “contri”, this comes from the word contribution. Everyone brings something from dinner. So not only do you save – since dinners for many people are very expensive – but they will surely have a great time praising what each one brought. Here are some ideas to make it international.

The most useful advice? Share and be close to your loved ones, breathe deeply, give gifts that are more experiential than material and live in the present. There are many ways to overcome the festivities during the year and save at the same time. For more tips, do not stop following me on Facebook and Twitter. Merry Christmas!


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