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How to ensure female orgasm

How to ensure female orgasm
How to ensure female orgasm

Have you ever had an orgasm? The sensation of that moment is magical, they are seconds of infinite pleasure, the culmination of an act of union and love. So, if it’s so rich, why not guarantee the process to  happiness.  

It is not so difficult, you have to know your body, know what you like, how you like it and how much stimulation you need to reach the  climax. How is this knowledge achieved? Simple, with masturbation.  

Autoerotism, fundamental technique to reach orgasm.

The masturbation of your partner to you serves during the   sexual act but alone is the best kind of sexuality you can have. Concentrate on each sensation while you are in the process, pay attention to how your body reacts to reach the climax, in the rhythm you need, in the intensity of the movements. Later, when you are with your man, try to recreate that little path that you discovered, teach it.

Form sexual images in your mind 

Women are more mental than visual and achieve the best arousal if they are stimulated beforehand, while they recreate the scene in their mind. That is, before becoming his lover ” inside” is  FUNDAME NTAL  the foreplay and feel properly excited. They can close their eyes and visualize as if they were “a third person”, each step that their partner executes. It is even valid to rely on fantasies or sexy things to get horny.  

If warming is not enough, do not be afraid to use masturbation to tune the clitoris. It is valid, whether he helps his partner or that she is  self-stimulating  while the man continues with kisses and  caresses.

Positions that help 

Yes, there are some positions in which it is easier to reach the climax for women and are those that reach to rub the two key points  for them: the point G and the clitoris.  

The G- spot Grafenberg is located on the front of the vaginal wall. For the lover it is easy to locate it if you insert the middle finger of the hand, with the palm facing upwards, just where the finger reaches, a small protuberance is felt.

For the stimulation of the point G the posture she up or the cowgirl is the winner because in this position you get to control at an angle with which the penis hits the point G. The woman can control the movements and make sure to move her hips (from circular preference) enough for this point to be stimulated. 

Another position that helps stimulate point G is that of a puppy because the penis is inserted at an angle that goes directly to that area. 

The clitoris is in the upper part of the vulva, outside the vagina, protected by the labia majora. You can see it without problem. For this point you can try the position of the “inverted cowgirl”, her up but turning her back on the man. This position also allows to stimulate the G-spot, but at the same time she can caress her clitoris.  

And yes, for the stimulation of the clitoris, in addition to masturbation oral sex is the most direct way. A good session of cunnilingus can by itself cause it to explode with pleasure. You can also try with sex toys, there are small vibrators that are almost imperceptible during the missionary’s posture, for example. Or how about a vibrating ring in the penis. 

Now you know, there is a way to ensure female orgasm. Just experiment.


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