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How to hide from your gallery the images sent to you by WhatsApp?

With this trick you will no longer be able to see your WhatsApp photos from your gallery.

How to hide from your gallery the images sent to you by WhatsApp?
How to hide from your gallery the images sent to you by WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in the world and thanks to it the popularization of chat groups has been increasing in recent years. It is even likely that all the users of the world who use this application are within a WhatsApp group, either the “Family” group, where the grandmother and the aunts send photos of Tweety with blessings, or the classic group of friends that It contains images that you would not want your partner to discover.

Surely you have already noticed that all those images sent to you by WhatsApp are saved in your image gallery, it does not matter if it is from an individual chat or a group, these images will always be stored on your phone, so they will be visible to any user who accesses your gallery.

However, there is a little trick with which you can hide these images from your gallery, this way you can keep all your memes, images with explicit content and even the videos sent by your friends so that nobody can see them from your gallery.

Before starting we must mention that this option is only available for Android devices, because in iPhone we only have the option to prevent multimedia contents from being automatically saved in your photo reel, so if you want to keep a photograph privately you will have to download it manually.

If you have an Android device you will have to do the following:

  • Open your file browser: many smartphones already include one, in case you do not have any option installed you can download a wide variety of applications from the Play Store, and one highly recommended is ES File Explorer.
  • Once you entered the file explorer follow the following route: WhatsApp / Media / WhatsApp Images, here you must create a file with the name .nomedia , do not forget to place the point, otherwise you can not successfully complete the process.

WhatsApp media

  • With this it will be enough to stop seeing all the photos in your gallery, however they will still be stored on your device, although to see them you will have to access from your file browser.
  • In case you want to do the same with GIFs and videos, create the same file but in the following route: WhatsApp / Media.


  • If you want to see your photos, videos and GIF in the gallery, you will only have to delete the .nomedia file where you created it.

Gallery with and without .nomedia file created.

This is a very simple way to hide your memes and videos that you have so much fun but that could be very sensitive for other people who come to see the content that you keep in the gallery of your cell phone.


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