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How to hide the photos of our Android or iOS mobile

How to hide the photos of our Android or iOS mobile
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On these dates the usual is to meet with the family and the usual thing is also that, during these meetings, we teach things on our mobile or that we leave the phone to the little ones in the house. Photos, applications, or any type of content that exposes us to that by mistake, we can show things that we might not want to see.

One of the most sensitive things in this regard are the photos we keep in the gallery of our phone, and is that who has not happened to be sliding to show the photo of our dog and suddenly, I take a snapshot engaged? To avoid these uncomfortable situations it is best that we hide this type of sensitive content, so pay attention because we are going to tell you how to hide the photos of our mobile in a simple way.

How to hide photos in iOS

Let’s start with the Apple operating system that offers us the possibility of hiding the images from iOS 11. To carry out the first thing we have to do is access the reel of photos of our iPhone and select the photo or video that we do not want that is shown in him at a simple glance.

With the selected file, we will click on the icon of the square with the arrow located in the lower left part of the screen and among all the options that it offers in the lower list, we will choose ‘hide’ and accept the option to hide photo when the ask us.

Hide Photos

From this moment, the selected files will be found in an album called ‘hidden’ in the album list of our phone. To see them we will have to enter that particular album from where we will also have the possibility of reverting the selection and moving the photos back to the main reel.

How to hide photos on Android

In the case of Android phones, one of the best solutions we can propose is to use a file browser as ‘ES Explorer of ARchivos’. Once downloaded, we can put all the images that we want to hide in the same folder and inside this we will create a file that we will call .nomedia


We have the option to create the file in the Media directory or enter the subdirectory that we want to block and create it within it. Once that file is created, we will open the gallery and we will see that the images will no longer be shown in the gallery.


To return the files to their main source we will have to delete the media database and restart the phone so that the files are re-located to their original source. For them we will go to from Settings -> Applications -> All tab -> Media storage. Once here we click on the option ‘Delete data’, confirm and all the content will be re-indexed and appear in the gallery again.


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