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How to improve the WiFi connection at home: placement of the router and applications

How to improve the WiFi connection at home: placement of the router and applications
How to improve the WiFi connection at home: placement of the router and applications

Depending on how our house is, its distribution, the number of floors, other devices in the home and many other aspects, the configuration of the wireless connection will be more or less complicated. In addition to following a series of recommendations that we will review below, it is important to use some applications that help us to have the best WiFi connection and maximum speed. All this and more we will see

We have already seen on occasion how WiFi connections can make us lose up to 65% of the speed contracted. It is true that the new WiFi standards and the most modern devices use the most cutting-edge technology to reduce this loss, but it still can not be a rival for the wired connection. Of course, in the case of mobile phones or tablets, it is essential to have this type of network at home to connect to the Internet.

First, let’s see tips to have the best WiFi connection and the maximum speed of Internet browsing, in addition to the errors when placing the router at home. The latter, which may seem trivial, turns out to be of paramount importance in the overall operation of the wireless connection.

Router placement and major errors to improve WiFi connection

We have commented on the main errors several times, but we will remember them once again. First, we should not place the router in a corner of the house or attached to a window. By having completely omnidirectional antennas, the signal “comes out” exactly the same in all directions. If we put it in a window, a good part of the signal will be lost and will not be used.

wifi router

It is also important to place the router as high as possible as this way, the signal diffusion will be better. We can not forget that we should not cover or hide the router in a closet, however ugly or unsightly it may be. Any obstacle in its path supposes the possibility that the signal is mitigated.

If you have several plants at home, it is best to have strategically placed signal extenders, PLC devices to carry the connection through the electrical network or wiring with network cable to lose any speed. The electrical devices must be far away. This article about Christmas lights and WiFi slowdown can give you many clues.

Besides where to place it, it is important on what surface it is placed. We must avoid reflective surfaces that can lower the signal. We will not place the router on glass or mirror surfaces. To the extent that we can, also on metal surfaces.

Applications to improve WiFi connection

Once we have clear the main recommendations when placing the router at home, we need to determine the best location for it. Applications like  WiFi Analyzer allow us to analyze our WiFi network, the signal strength in certain places or the available channels.

wifi analyzer

This application is available for Android and at a glance it will let us know if that is a good location for the router. The reasons to determine if it is good or not go through to see the channels that are occupied, also to measure the intensity of the signal when moving through the different rooms.

We have other applications to get the same as Fritz! WLAN App, again also for Android devices and where it is not necessary to have a router from that manufacturer. The good thing is that it has a continuous measurement mode that will measure the signal until we manually stop it. In this way, we can go around the house to see the signal.


Other applications that we can use are TekWiFi for Windows or Network Tester for Android. All of them will help us to control the intensity of the signal, check the saturation of channels and other important aspects when placing the router in the best possible position.

Update the router or buy a new model

The router can be the main cause of a bad Wi- Fi connection if we have complied with the previous advice of placement. An outdated or low-quality model can ruin a good connection, including fast fiber optic connections. For this reason, it is always important to have a good performance model, either buying it on our own or requiring our operator to send us this new model that has launched with better benefits.

Remember that the 5 GHz WiFi has different advantages over the 2.4 GHz, however, we recommend you read the article “Differences and how to choose the WiFi that best suits our needs”. In this way, we can have the model that best suits the needs. As a general rule, a simultaneous double-band should be perfect in almost all cases.

In case you buy one on your own, we leave you this compilation of router, WiFi repeater and other equipment to improve your home network for 2018. In addition, it never hurts to review the 5 reasons and reasons to change the router. Finally, in all cases it is essential to have the latest firmware released by the manufacturer.

“Guests” unwanted outside the WiFi network

Another important aspect is to check that we do not have unwanted guests in the WiFi network that are “sucking” a good part of the Internet connection . This will greatly slow down the speed of Internet browsing. To avoid this, we recommend you to visit the tutorial “How to get the intruders out of your Wi-Fi network with a click” and also ” The best tools to detect intruders in your network”.

Remember that you can measure your speed in Speed Test.


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