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How to prevent runner injuries?

How to prevent runner injuries?
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Running is a sport of impact and repetition of movements that, evidently, is not free of injuries. However, we can prevent runner injuries, following some simple tips that we tell you below:

1) Work the aerobic base

It is normal that runners always want to go to the top or get lower the average pace, but experienced coaches like Óscar de las Mozas (Coentrena) or José Acosta, prefer to focus on a good aerobic base, that is, running below our thresholds. resistance, at softer rates to avoid fatigue, let the body oxygenate and prevent runner injuries. Arm yourself with patience! It will cost you to acquire this base, but in the long run, you will appreciate it.

2) The posture when running

Possibly, the most elegant runners that exist are the mediofondistas, because they are not too fibrados like the sprinters, nor very thin like the marathon runners. Therefore, in general, the career technique of the mediofondistas, is the ideal: Head high, look to the front, constant arm movement, open chest and elegant stride. Undoubtedly, maintaining a body alignment, facilitates the stride, because this is done below the hip and makes us gain efficiency. We recommend you read Isabel del Barrio’s book “Correr es algo más”  and make a study of our footprint,  which will help us to know what type of stride we have when running, to choose the shoe that best suits us and prevent injuries of the corridor.

“Running is not just running. If we want to do it for many years we must build a good base.”

3) The importance of feeling strong

In all good training plans comes the part of core or strength. Well, having a good physical condition is not just about running. Equally important is to perform crunches, irons, push-ups, squats, ankle exercises, feet on tiptoes or triceps. To carry out routines of this type of exercises, they help us to avoid that all the weight of the body falls on the feet, which, in the long run, will help us to have a greater resistance in the race, and to prevent the injuries of the runner.

4) The career technique

In order to become a good runner, we must dedicate at least twice a week to carry out technique exercises:  skipping, hurdles, stairs, multi-jumps, etc. These exercises are a fundamental part of the training, since, as we get tired throughout the training or race, we lose the position, the technique, and our stride stops being efficient. Therefore, go little by little acquiring a good technique, will help us prevent runner injuries.

5) Tell me how you step and I’ll tell you what hurts

Last but not least, do not forget the importance of an  analysis of the footprint, as the specialist in sports podiatry, Angel de la rubia, says: “The foot is too complex to frivolize with him”.  A study of the tread, helps to be more efficient and avoid the dreaded injuries.


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