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How to reduce stress at Christmas

At Christmas, stress levels tend to skyrocket. We give you a few tricks to limit this Christmas stress.


“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” we usually say, but Christmas also represents a time when stress levels go through the roof. To help you cope better with this happy but stressful time of year, we’ve put together some important tips to make you forget about stress and make these days more enjoyable.

For many of us, Christmas can be an important source of stress, pressure and conflict. Some people may feel overwhelmed by excesses and expectations and end up depressed during the holidays.

The lack of time and money and the pressure of giving gifts everywhere can often contribute to stress during the holiday season.

Most of us know the adverse effects that stress can have on our body. We already know that it can affect our thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and obesity, if not controlled.

In fact, many studies have shown that an increased incidence of heart attacks and heart – related during the festive season death occurs, which may be due to stress, excessive consumption of alcohol, a diet rich in fats or a combination of the three factors. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that we remedy the stress of the Christmas holidays as soon as possible.

We are aware that with everything related to the kitchen (the preparation of multiple Christmas dinners with more or less diners, business dinners, appointments with friends and family), home decoration, visits (expected and unexpected ) and the delivery of gifts, the parties can make us feel that we have to try to meet a deadline for delivery of work with an exacerbated level of pressure (hey we are at Christmas) instead of trying to enjoy the holidays, That is what it is. Therefore, try these Christmas strategies to eliminate stress and relieve tension and help the stress disappear.

1Limit spending

weird christmas

2Avoid stress for money

Avoid stress for money

3Establish a budget

Establish a budget

4Make a decision every time

Make a decision every time

5Avoid temptations

Avoid temptations

6Manage expectations

Manage expectations

7Money and stress problems

Money and stress problems

8Keep it real

Keep it real

9Help children to be realistic

Help children to be realistic

10Take your time

Take your time

11Avoid overeating

Avoid overeating

12Stress and appetite

Stress and appetite

13Go out to walk

Go out to walk

14Take care of your mood

Take care of your mood

15Have fun

Have fun

16Find positive ways to reduce stress

Find positive ways to reduce stress


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