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How to resist the temptation to spend

Spending lots of money

Cuernavaca, MORELOS. – It is recurrent to hear among work colleagues or relatives when you buy something phrases like “for that I kill myself working” or “I deserve a luxury after the week I had”. However, you may be falling victim to emotional expenses and buying something you do not really need. That is why it is necessary to control them so that they do not affect your pocket.

Emotional spending is defined as an unplanned purchase that we make influenced by feelings: sometimes we buy when we are sad or very happy; in either of the two situations we do it either to improve our mood or because we give less importance to spend for being happy.

But how to have control? Everything resides in what goes through our mind, because we can modify our internal discourse by “do I really need to make this purchase?”, “Is it within my possibilities?” Or “Is it relevant that I acquire it?” Only we can answer these questions, so we must be very honest; this will make us see the difference between making an emotional expense and buying something that we do need.

Emotional expenses

The emotional purchases in most cases correspond to desires, things that we want to have but that, when acquiring them, they contribute very little, subtracting our resources and becoming useless things; In addition, they can cause us stress due to the debt acquired or due to emergencies that we cannot pay.

Another type of expenses is the ant, which are also a result of our mood.

We can also eradicate them if we know how to identify the moments in which we do them the most. Having an expense control and financial planning will help you improve your financial situation, your debts to pay or reach your financial and life goals.

To facilitate your work, we share the following steps to avoid emotional expenses.

Use the reason

Keep in mind that you can control emotional expenses if you are aware of them. The key is to keep your goals in mind when you go shopping, to dinner, on vacations or to have fun with your friends.

Think about goals

So you will be less likely to send emotions on your purchases. It is worth mentioning that there are also exceptions and there are things for which it is definitely worth acquiring a debt, such as buying a house.

Pay and save, before spending.

Start the month by liquidating the debts you have or can pay, then allocate a percentage of your salary for savings and use the rest to spend and have fun. So, even if you get to spend, you will not affect your personal finances.

Be considerate of the emotions that make you spend.

Think about the feelings that lead you to make purchases (stress, fatigue, happiness, sadness, boredom) and so, when you feel that way, you can avoid this type of purchases that occur without occupying the reason.

Modify your habits

Try a way to spend your time without spending, try activities such as exercising outdoors, reading a book, or visiting the people you love. This will allow you to distract your mind and keep the expenses of your portfolio.

Contact a professional.

If you still cannot stop falling into the temptations of spending, approach financial experts to help you better manage your resources and develop a comprehensive plan for you and your life goals.

Resist temptations

If you go to a store and there are discounts and discounts, avoid falling into the temptation to buy. Remember; think if you really need it and if your finances allow you to make that expense without leaving your monthly budget.

A tip: Keeps your credit card at home, thus avoiding temptations when shopping.


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