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How to save your relationship as a couple?


All the relationships of couples live moments of great happiness , but also they go through conflicts that if they do not know how to cope can cause certain crises to the degree to put at risk its stability and permanence.

A study in Britain confirms that the first year of is the happiest , the second is to get to know each other better, while the third is of adaptation in which they share more time and spaces.

However, the fifth year is the most difficult to deal with because fatigue, work pressure and educating children creates tension in the relationship, even if they exceed with success, there are greater chances of achieving a happy and lasting, say researchers.

Therefore, if you are going through one and want to overcome it, the following video gives you keys on how to save your relationship as a couple.

From ideal to maturity

José Antonio Marina , Professor of Philosophy at the Madrid Institute of La Cabrera in Spain and Doctor Honoris Causa by the Polytechnic University of Valencia, believes that relationships work when the communication as a couple narrows.

Men are those who bet on avoiding thorny issues and women prefer to approach them. Addressing these issues on a regular basis may lead to misunderstandings that erode the relationship, says José Antonio Marina.

He adds that the important thing is to learn to overcome the difficulties in common agreement, since in case the coexistence is complicated, in this time of economic crisis the situation can be more difficult.

The Doctor Honoris Causa believes that after the passion and the first years, couples form a, which is the basis of union which must be based on respect and mutual agreements.

The key to happiness of a couple is based on three key aspects: enjoy pleasant moments; be linked to a secure attachment that provides stability and feel the need to grow as people and move forward.


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