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How to send a WhatsApp message without using your phone number

WhatsApp send anonymous messages to our contacts

To be able to communicate through WhatsApp with a person it is necessary to do it using your own phone number. During the process of registering for the first time in the most popular free messaging application of the moment asks us to enter these digits to complete it. This is the way to start a conversation, in which it does not require that you keep us in your contacts and regardless of whether you have blocked us or without self-destructing.

Sometimes we may want to send a WhatsApp message without using our number. Something that from the official application is not possible. But as often happens in this type of situation, there are solutions for this.

How can we send a WhatsApp message without using our number? Through the application of a free application that allows you to call and send messages to family and friends around the world. This free app named Primo is available on both Google Play and the Apple Store .

It comes with two modes: a free trial with limited functions and a paid version with a monthly or annual fee. The operation of it is simple: once we have installed it in our terminal, an unknown mobile phone number is generated from which we can communicate with our contacts without them having it.

A trick to send anonymous WhatsApp messages, which can be especially interesting to contact certain people, for example with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. Is this application free? Whether we enter the Android store or the Apple store we see that it has a high rating (more than 4 stars) with positive and negative comments. However, the latter point out that they have operational problems to execute.

We advise you to be careful when installing any app in our terminal and we have to update them with the latest version. Maybe in one of them WhatsApp allows to send messages without using our number.


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