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How to set up privacy on Instagram

How to set up privacy on Instagram
How to set up privacy on Instagram

Today we will see how to configure privacy on Instagram , the social network that revolves around photography. We will see the different options you have at your disposal to control who can see what of your Instagram account.

Traditionally Instagram’s privacy settings were simple: your account could be public or private, but the arrival of Instagram Stories and refocusing as communication application beyond photography have made to increase the amount of privacy settings .

Private or public account

The most important privacy setting of Instagram is whether to establish whether you want your account to be private or public . With a public account, anyone can view your photos and start to follow, while in a private account who must approve manually you can follow and therefore view your photos. To change this option, tap the Instagram options button on your profile.

In the same options window, by moving vertically a little you will find the slider to activate the private account . You can switch between a private and public account at any time, although its effects only apply to new followers. Those who already follow you do not need your permission to continue doing so if you decide to change your account to private.

Block people

Another very important privacy option is to block a user. When you block someone, that person can not contact you, see or comment on your photos , regardless of whether your account is public or private. To block an account, go to your profile and tap the options button (1) and choose Block (2) from the menu that is displayed.

Control the photos in which you appear

In your profile are shown the photos in which you appear, which are photos uploaded by other people, in which you have been tagged . You can control which photos are displayed there and avoid automatically showing the photos that others have labeled from the options. First, tap the options button in your profile.
In the Instagram options window, under the Account section , you will find the item that interests us: Photos in which you appear. Tap on this menu to go to the options window on these Instagram tags.

If you do not want anyone to be able to tag you in their photos and show those photos on your profile, automatically, choose Add manually. In this way you will need to approve manually when someone tags you in a photo to be shown in the “photos you appear” in your profile.

Regardless of the current settings, that is, whether the photos are added automatically or manually, you can hide photos where you’ve been tagged on Instagram. To do so, touch in the Hide photos section.

Hiding these pictures is quite easy. Simply select the photos you want to hide, by touching the selection circle (1) and, when you have them all, press the hide button (2). It is a reversible process , but it will take you time to show a photo that you have hidden, because you have to go to the photo in question.

Control comments

Instagram lets you choose who can comment on your photos , block certain accounts so they can not comment on your photos and choose a list of forbidden words. To start, as always, press the Instagram Options button.
Once in the options window, use the vertical scroll until you reach the Settings section . A little further down you will find Reviews , the centralized place where all the related options are located.

There are several interesting options here, but we will start reviewing them in order. Above all is one of the most important: Allow comments from. As its name suggests, it determines who can comment on your photos. Tap on it to go to the configuration window.
In this section you have four options to determine who can comment on your photos. It is the general configuration, and is that later we will see how you can block certain people so they can not comment on your Instagram photos.

  • Everyone: anyone with an Instagram account can comment on your photos.
  • People you follow and your followers: those who follow you and who you follow, can comment.
  • People you follow: they can only comment on those you follow, and not your followers.
  • Your followers: only those who follow you can comment, but not who you follow.

Regardless of the previous configuration, you can prevent certain people from commenting on your photos. To do this, go back to the Instagram Comments setting and tap Block comments from . In the window that opens you must write the names of the accounts you want to avoid commenting on your Instagram photos.
The last and important Instagram tool to keep comments under control are the filters . In the comment option window you will find three related options to filter comments.

The automatic filter is an intelligent Instagram filter that will automatically block comments that may be considered offensive (for example, that contain insults). You do not need to do anything else, except activate it.

In the manual filter you have more control. For example, you can activate the keyword filter and then write which words you want to ban from your comments. If a comment contains any of these words, it is automatically hidden.

The switch Use default keywords saves you some work, it will automatically block the keywords that Instagram users often report as offensive, such as vulgar terms or insults.

Control your stories

Instagram stories are ephemeral, that is, they disappear over time, but that is not enough to guarantee your privacy. If you want to control the privacy of Instagram stories accurately, the first thing you need, as always, is to tap the options button on your profile.

In the Instagram options section, touch on History settings . Here you can prevent some people from seeing your stories, choose who can respond to your stories and enable-or not-that other people can share your stories with other people, such as private messages.

Lets start by the beginning. Above all, tap Hide history a to block certain accounts. You’ll have to write the name of Instagram accounts that you do not want them to see what you post as Instagram history, including live videos.

A little further down you will find Allow replies to messages . It’s a bit of a bad translation, because in truth what you adjust here is who can answer your stories. You can choose between:

Everyone: anyone who sees the story can answer it.
People you follow: only the people you follow can respond.
Disabled: No one will be able to respond to your Instagra
The last privacy option of the Instagram stories is located a little below, in Shared content. The Allow sharing switch lets you activate or deactivate if you want other people to share what you post in Instagram stories with other people, by private message.


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