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How to share your iCloud storage in Family

Much easier and cheaper for the whole family to have their space in iCloud

apple macbook pro silver
apple macbook pro silver

iOS 11 will incorporate a feature that will help many families save some money. We are talking about sharing the space we have hired in iCloud with our relatives. This accompanies the new super large data plans that iCloud incorporates, so it can be cheap to hire a 2 TeraBytes plan for the whole family.

With all that data, you can have a huge library of photos and make the most of the new iOS 11 Files application. You will never see yourself without space with your Apple devices. Then I show you step by step how to activate this function so that you do not spend another euro in a data plan for each member of the family.

How to share storage with the family?

share storageAs it is a new innovation from Apple and want to be used as much as possible, we put it quite easy, especially if we have “Share in Family” activated. If you do not know what this function is, it allows us to share iTunes purchases as well as your location, reminders and photos with the family.

To share the storage plan of iCloud we must go to Settings and click at the top of the page. Then we give to Share in Family and Storage iCloud. A small window should appear after this, allowing us to invite our relatives to share the storage.

You have not read wrong, if you have activated this function, the storage of iCloud will be added. If you all have the free plan, the 5 GigaBytes that this incorporates will be added and can be used by the whole family, making a considerable amount of data being free. Also, if one of the members has paid a plan but does not want to share it with the rest of the family, it will be in its full right and will be able to share its files with the family.

That is all. As you can see it is not complicated, just remember that you need to have activated the “Share in Family” function for this to work.


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