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How to spend on good food without throwing away your money?

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One of the things that we set the least to “save” is in the food we consume daily.

However, it can become one of your most problematic ant expenses. How many times have we not bought something for “whim”? Many of us think that in the end, as “feed us”, it is not necessarily a serious expense.

The truth is that “a coffee”, a very expensive hamburger -which in the end does not turn out to be as good as you expected-, or anything edible, is not always a good purchase. Personally I am a lover of good food, and in my quest to find the best, without spending a fortune, I have found some tricks that can be useful.

Being “pretty” does not mean it’s good

A lot of times I’ve bought food that looks amazing, and in the end it’s a bad burger trial. It happens often with places of food, and by recommendations of people, that generally is not expert.

Never let yourself be guided by what looks good. It is true that in the kitchen, the appearance is a very important element, but it does not mean that the dish you buy is necessarily good.

Establishes a price limit according to the type of food

A basic rule is that a steak never costs the same as a vegetable soup (excuse the bad comparison). To avoid unnecessary spending on food, you must establish how much you will pay for a food with certain characteristics.

Your budget is 500 pesos for a meal with Texan barbecue of two people? Always check the prices on the menu before asking and sitting. If you “feel” that the costs are above what you have projected, think again if it is worth it.

Doing it at home is always cheaper

A home-cooked meal costs up to a third of what you will spend in a restaurant. A few months ago I prepared a charcoal rib at home and I realized that although the ingredients are not necessarily cheap, it cost me much less than in any trade.

And I ate bigger portions, so if you’re given the kitchen, take advantage of it.

Review recommendations on apps like Foursquare

Do you want to know the trendy restaurant? User experiences are often a valuable guide to discover if you should go somewhere, or not.

Once I went to a Japanese restaurant where the food cost me a lot of money. For two people I spent a little over a thousand pesos, and the truth is that I was not satisfied.

When I checked on their social networks and on Foursquare I discovered that many people complained about the same thing, and even about customer service (which I did not think was great, either).

Although they are not sharp realities, you can take them as a warning of what you might expect in the place.

Never decide where to go hungry

Hunger is a bad counselor. Many times I bought a huge food combo for being very hungry. In the end I cannot finish it and discover that part of my expense was wasted.

Sit down and think: Have not I finished it before? Then maybe a medium combo is enough. You will see that those 20 pesos that you save will be useful for you.

It is worth repeating places that you liked

If you find a place that you love, and also goes with your budget, do not hesitate to make it a common place.

The variety in good food can also come from things you know. Someday a new dish will appear.


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